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Forced Order
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SeriesCharacterFamous incidents/quotes
All'I'm the Yankee Doodle Doctor'
1-3He is the 'Champion of the oppressed and terroriser of registered nurses'
4-11'What does that stand for?' 'Anything you want'
1-3'What am I signing now Radar?'
4-11' if he gets back here with four patients in a helicopter I want him medalled. Then I want him court-marshelled.'
All'Im section 8 head to toe'
All'You creeps, what have you done to my tent?'
1-6Ferret Face
6-11'Surely you jest'
All'Jocularity, Jocularity'
8-9'Keep it dow, there are people trying to work here. Oh it's night. Keep it down, there are people trying to sleep here.'
SeriesCharacterFamous incidents/quotes
2-8Often gets into fights with Klinger
AllSeen dancing with Radar in the officers club
Apaears in 6 episodes'Do I know you? And don't try to deny it!'
1, episode 15Used by Hawkeye to get supplies to the orphanage
1-7Bartender at her bar
1One of Margret's many general friends
1Almost raffled in the pilot episode
All, in brief reacurrencesValued psychiatrist
1'Go team! My team! Yay team!'
1Seen as a poker player and anesthiologist
5,6- for one episode respectively'Almost wins the assault course in the MASH Olympics'

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