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Forced Order
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Just like a chick in the casinoThe Fame
Show 'em how you feel, girls!The Fame Monster
I think you should shut up and sit downARTPOP
In the mountains, las campanas, están sonandoBorn This Way
Don't stop the partyARTPOP
Roses have thorns, they sayThe Fame
Want me to sign there on your Range Rover heart?The Fame
I will fly, on a challenger across the skyBorn This Way
Stuntin' all day, swag on a hundred millionNon-album single
Hot like Mexico, rejoiceThe Fame Monster
Get Ginger ready, climb to Camino frontBorn This Way
Pack your bags and we can chase the sunsetARTPOP
Blonde high-heeled feminists enlisting femmes for thisBorn This Way
Put your hands on my waist, pull the faderThe Fame
Happy in the club with a bottle of red wineThe Fame Monster
We got no champagne, but we got drugsNon-album single
Mount your goddessARTPOP
Each day I cryARTPOP
Get your hot rods ready to rumbleBorn This Way
Glamophonic, electronic, disco babyThe Fame
I am rich as pissARTPOP
It's my daddy and Nebraska and Jesus ChristBorn This Way
Just want your vampThe Fame Monster
Ice cream topped with honeyThe Fame
Slap that skin he, love to watch that ass go wiggleARTPOP
Moved downtown when I was just 19Born This Way
We french kissed on a subway trainThe Fame Monster
Snap snap, to that **** on the radioThe Fame
Dirty pony I can't wait to hose you downBorn This Way
I live for the music not the blingARTPOP

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