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Location of largest airport (not name of airport)780 square kilometers in size
Largest country in Africa (by size)967,500 square miles in size
Shortest MLB player of all-time3 feet 7 inches
Tallest U.S. president6 feet 4 inches
Tallest NBA player of all-time7 feet 7 inches
Largest museumArt museum
Name of most intense tropical cyclone (i.e, lowest pressure)870 millibars/hectopascals
Lowest recorded temperature (continent name)-128.6 degrees Farenheit
Most deadly earthquake on record (country name)830,000 fatalities
Location which is the most below sea-level (country name)1387 feet below sea-level
Largest national park by square area375,000 square miles in size
Highest recorded temperature (country name)136 degrees Farenheit
Name of world's largest glacier60 miles wide x 250 miles long x 1.55 miles deep
Largest earthquake on the Richter Scale (country name)9.5
Longest flowing river4,132 miles long
Shortest U.S. president5 feet 4 inches
Largest lake by square mileage143,200 square miles in size
Tallest mountain in the world29,035 feet tall
Shortest NBA player of all-time5 feet 3 inches
Smallest country in South America (by size)63,038 square miles in size
Tallest MLB player of all-time6 feet 11 inches
Largest capacity NFL stadium (name of field)100,000 capacity
Location of largest non-auto racing stadium (name of country)150,000 capacity
Name of the tallest monument630 feet tall
World ocean's deepest trench35,827 feet deep

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