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Can you name the The original American Gladiators (1989-1996)?

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Years on the showGladiator nameActor/actress
1989-1992Marisa Pare
1989T.C. Corrin
1989-1990 & 1991-1995Raye Hollitt
1992-1993Chuck Berlinger
1993-1996Victoria Gay
1992-1993Barry Turner
1990David Nelson
1991-1993Debbie Clark
1993-1996Lee Reherman
1990-1992 & 1993-1996Lori Fetrick
1991-1994Steve Henneberry
1990-1996Jim Starr (appeared on all 7 seasons)
1989-1992 & 1994-1995Dan Clark
1992-1993 & 1993-1994Unknown
1990-1992Tonya Knight
1989Cheryl Barldinger
1989Robert Bruce Campbell
Years on the showGladiator nameActor/actress
1993-1994Ed Radcliffe
1990-1993Erika Andersch
1990-1992Sha-ri Pendleton
1992-1994Salina Bartunek
1993-1995Shannon Hall
1992-1996Lynn 'Red' Williams
1992-1996Shirley Eson-Korito (tallest female gladiator)
1993Jonathan Byrne
1989-1992Michael Horton
1992-1993Natalie Lennox
1990-1992Billy Smith
1993-1994Mark Tucker
1994Michael O'Hearn
1992-1996Shelley Beattie (only deaf gladiator)
1989Deron McBee
1992-1993Philip Poteat
1990-1996Galen Tomlinson

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