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Can you name the Top NBA scorers from each college/university?

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College/universityPlayerTotal points
Georgetown University24,815
Illinois Wesleyan University17,287
West Texas A&M University12,195
Iowa State University15,659
Southern Illinois University15,581
Central Michigan University11,318
Trinity Valley Community College15,347
Oregon State University21,813
Davidson College11,755
University of Illinois19,202
Bradley University18,831
Providence College17,772
Winston-Salem State University17,454
University of Iowa14,018
McNeese State University16,401
University of Tennessee19,655
Kansas State University20,497
New York University18,438
Jacksonville University15,579
Virginia Union University12,417
Marist College12,871
University of Colorado (*)12,930
University of Dayton11,199
Buffalo State College16,262
University of Massachusetts Amherst18,364
Baylor University11,842
St. Bonaventure University19,248
University of Detroit Mercy14,592
University of Louisville12,391
Duke University (*)14,804
University of Richmond12,740
University of Washington15,761
Purdue University14,234
Temple University14,155
Grambling State University12,183
Indiana State University21,791
University of Houston27,313
College/universityPlayerTotal points
United States Naval Academy20,790
Auburn University23,757
Michigan State University17,707
Guilford College17,955
University of Minnesota17,940
Tennessee State University15,358
Syracuse University18,327
Centenary College of Louisiana23,334
University of Maryland16,784
University of Notre Dame23,177
Ohio State University26,395
Creighton University11,782
University of Kentucky15,647
University of North Carolina32,292
University of Florida10,912
Norfolk State University15,530
Marshall University21,586
North Carolina Central University15,411
Wichita State University13,606
University of Rhode Island11,964
Aurora University12,748
University of Kansas31,419
University of Connecticut (*)19,962
University of Central Arkansas18,940
Southern University and A&M College13,895
University of California (*)15,482
Jackson State University14,607
University of Georgia26,668
Bowling Green State University14,437
Seattle University23,149
Virginia Tech University12,670
Gonzaga University19,711
Gardner-Webb University15,291
University of Cincinnati26,710
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga11,736
UCLA 38,387
Niagara University17,949
La Salle University11,198
College/universityPlayerTotal points
University of Arizona (*)13,372
Pepperdine University15,535
West Virginia University25,192
Eastern Michigan University20.708
Wake Forest University (*)19,503
Dartmouth College11,507
DePaul University19,460
College of the Holy Cross16,960
Indiana University20,941
University of Miami18,395
Mississippi State University17,770
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point15,586
Louisiana State University (*)27,753
Marquette University12,339
University of San Francisco14,522
Florida State University15,635
Miami University13,910
St. John's University17,911
Louisiana Tech University36,928
University of Michigan18,336
University of Hartford11,839
Rice University14,467
University of Utah20,049
University of Alabama16,712
Arizona State University15,097
Clemson University15,687
Villanova University16,266
Duquesne University12,065
Iona College14,676
North Carolina State University11,834
Santa Clara University (*)13,751
Saint Louis University11,234
University of Wisconsin (*)17,187
University of Arkansas11,931
University of Oklahoma13,910
Georgia Tech University16,297
Longwood University11,825
University of South Carolina25,613

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