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Forced Order
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any event that removes some individuals or biomass from a community
(-/-) detrimental to both of the individuals or species involved because it reduces available resources
Hypothesis in which herbivores are limited by the poor nutrition of plant tissue or toxins
competition that occurs when organisms compete for the same resources
competition that occurs when an organism grows over another, blocking access to resource
principle that two species can not occupy the exact same niche at the same place and time
competition that occurs when organisms interfere directly with each other's access to specific resources
bright contrasting coloration intended to be a warning signal to potential predators
competition that occurs when the fundamental niches of two different species overlap
competition that occurs when the individuals of the same species compete for resources
recovery following disturbance that removes soil and biomass
Species that has a great impact on surrounding species relative to its abundance
weaker competitor shifts niche to avoid competition
type of interaction that is beneficial to both species involved
Ever present defenses Ex. Cryptic coloration/Camouflage, Weapons/Armor, Mimicry, Escape Behavior, Schooling/Flocking, Toxins/Chemical Defense
used in the absence of other species
Prey defenses that are only produced when threatened by a predator
Mimics that look dangerous but are NOT dangerous
Hypothesis in which carnivore predators keep herbivores low in density
Ex. (+/-) Parasitism, Predation, Herbivory
A biological 'cold war,' one organism continuously attempting to outdo another
natural selection favors a shift of the weaker competitor to a non-overlapping niche
recovery of an area through a specific sequence following a major disturbance
competition that occurs when one species produces toxins that negatively affect another
Mimics that look dangerous and ARE dangerous
early successional species that devote most energy to reproduction (r-selection), not very competitive
scientist that believed communities are stable, integrated, orderly, and predictable entities
species that arrive later in succession
competition that occurs when individuals occupy space and prevent access to resources by other individuals.
predator that has an unusually large impact on an ecosystem
scientist that believed communities are neither stable nor predictable, but a matter of history and chance
Assemblages of large numbers of interaction species, usually living within a defined area
recovery following disturbance that removes only biomass
type of interaction that results in one species benefiting but does not affect the species it depends on
competition that occurs when mobile organisms protect a feeding or breeding territory

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