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What movie does George watch instead of reading the book for his book club?
Which one of Jerry's girlfriends does Kramer fall in love with?
What Japanese comedy does Jerry appear on, giving him $0.12 royalty checks?
What is the name of Morty Seinfeld's beltless trench coat?
What are the names of the gay street toughs that give Kramer problems in multiple episodes?
Who was on the cover of the TV Guide that Elaine takes from Frank Costanza?
What bank did Jerry's Nana use when her birthday checks to Jerry bounced?
When Elaine is interviewing Peterman in his apartment for his autobiography, what does Peterman remember that he forgot to buy?
What type of pasta does Kramer use in his sculpture of Bette Midler?
What is George's secret ATM code?
What actual TV show did Kramer appear on when he was in Los Angeles?
Who did Mickey reveal he stood in for when 'all of you was nothing'?
What does Elaine start the bidding at for a date with Kramer at her bachelor auction?
What Yankee player does George take to the PBS pledge drive?
What is the name of Jerry's girlfriend that everyone thinks is Chinese, but is really a white woman from Long Island?
What is Puddy's favorite fast food restaurant?
What did Kramer's handicapped girlfriend call him when she was breaking up with him?
What name does Jerry give to the guy (based on the color & model of his car) who blocks him in at the Puerto Rican Day Parade?
What is the name of the carpet cleaning cult that brainwashes Wilhelm?
What type of sandwich does Tony (Elaine's 'mimbo' boyfriend) hate?

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