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Which regiment of foot guards has served the monarchy the longest? Since 1656
Which regiment can be identified by the groups of two buttons down their tunics?The groups of two buttons shows that they are the second regiment of foot guards to be formed
Which regiment of foot guards was created in 1915?Formed in 1915
What is the name of the famous head-dress worn by the foot guards regiments?Taken from the French grenadier regiment at Waterloo
How many regiments of foot guards are there in total?Grenadier, Scots, Coldstream, Welsh and Irish guards
What colour is the plume in the Grenadier Guard's head-dress?White on the right
The food guards regiments are the only regiments to be armed with the SA80; True or False?The SA80 is the standard issue rifle for the entire British Army
The Coldstreamers did not deploy to Afghanistan: True or False?They have been deployed in every major conflict since their creation
All regiments of foot guards have sniper detachments: True or False?All infantry regiments have some form of sniper detachment within their regiment, the guards are no exception
The ceremony involving the entire Household division including the foot guards that is given to the monarch as a Birthday present is called what?Originally done so that soldiers would recognise their colours in the heat of battle and rally around them until someone decided it would be a good present for the monarch's birthday

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