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Inhibits abl kinase - treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia - binds ATP binding site
Treats severe pain - causes euphoria, μ agonist
Severe pain - two OH groups of morphine acetylated - crosses bbb easily
Ether group and hydroxyl - converted to morphine by P450 in liver (CYP2D6)
Acts at nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
H1 antagonist, now used to treat depression. Lots of actions at different concs.
COX inhibitor - converted by P450 to reactive intermediate
β-adrenoceptor antagonist
Reversible antagonist of β2-adrenoceptor, covalently binds with UV irradiation
β-adrenoceptor antagonist - treatment of angina
β2-adrenoceptor agonist - treatment of asthma
α1-adrenoceptor antagonist - treatment of hypertension
H1 antagonist - treament of hayfever
H2 antagonist - treament of gastric ulcers
Specifically and irreversibly alkylates muscarinic receptor
Partial β1-adrenoceptor agonist, treatment of hypertension
partial μ-opiod agonist, treatment of heroin addiction
Powerful μ antagonist when injected, not orally active, prevents abuse by injection
Long acting μ antagonist
anti-histamine, crosses bbb, sedating and dry mouth
anti-histamine, non-sedating but cardiac arrhythmias, prodrug for fexofenadine, P450
non-sedating, no arrhythmia, anti-histamine
converted to sulfenamide, irreversibly inhibits stomach proton pump, treatment gastris ulcers
EP3 agonist, increases stomach mucus secretion - has side effects
High affinity (almost irreversible) antagonist for nicotinic receptor
2hr sulphonylurea, binds 4SUR1 subunit of KATP, causing closure, mimics glucose
8hr sulphonylurea, binds 4SUR1 subunit of KATP, causing closure, mimics glucose
10hr sulphonylurea, binds 4SUR1 subunit of KATP, causing closure, mimics glucose
36hr sulphonylurea, binds 4SUR1 subunit of KATP, causing closure, mimics glucose
opens KATP channels, treament of hperinsulinaemia
Stable analogue of GLP-1, incretin
orally active dipeptidyl peptidase (DPP-4) inhibitor, extends half lives of incretins
mimics effects of insulin, stimulates glucose uptake and reduces plasma lipids, activate AMP Kinase
high affinity agonist of PPARγ, stimulates adipogenesis, more uptake of fatty acids, inc. insulin sensitivity
plant diterpenoid, activates all AC except AC IX
inhibits IP to inositol conversion by IP phosphatase, treatment of bipolar disorder
Inhibits ER calcium influx pump
Cleaves synaptobrevin
Cleaves synaptobrevin, SNAP-25 and syntaxin
inhibits choline uptake mechanism
Blocks Ach transporter into vesicles
Nicotinic Ach receptor antagonist in ganglia
Nicotinic Ach receptor antagonist at NMJ
Nicotinic Ach receptor channel blocker - antihypertensive
Muscarinic agonist - parasympathomimetic, also Nic. a bit
Muscarinic agonist - parasympathomimetic
Muscarinic agonist - parasympathomimetic - lipophilic, treatment of glaucoma
Muscarinic agonist - parasympathomimetic, also Nic. a lot
Muscarinic antagonist - anaesthetic premed to dry secretion (M3), treatment of sinus bradycardia (M2)
M3 antagonist, relaxation of GI tract to facilitate endoscopy
M1 antagonist, relaxation of GI tract to facilitate endoscopy
M3 antagonist, long acting, dilation of pupil
Short-acting anticholinesterase, diagnostic purposes
Medium duration anticholinesterase
Medium duration anticholinesterase, orally active, Myasthenia Gravis
Medium duration anticholinesterase, penetrated bbb
irreversible anticholinesterase
long lasting anticholinesterase, treatment for glaucoma
inhibits tyrosine hydroxylase
inhibits DOPA decarboxylase, reduces side-effects of Parkinsons drugs
inhibits dopamine β-hydroxylase
taken up, metabolised and displaces noradrenaline from vesicles and released as false transmitter
binds tightly to the site of catecholamine recognition on storage vesicles, prevents packaging
Tricyclic antidepressant, inhibits uptake 1, accumulation noradrenaline at receptors
Inhibits uptake 1
antidepressant, inhibit seratonin uptake at presynaptic nerve terminal
COMT inhibitor, treatment of Parkinsons
inhibits MAO-A, increases catecholamine leakage
sympathomimetic, displaces NA from storage vesicles into cytosol
sympathomimetic, displaces NA from storage vesicles into cytosol
displaces NA from vesicles
β-adrenoceptor agonist, treatment of asthma
α2-adrenoceptor agonist, treatment of hypertension
α-adrenoceptor antagonist, treatment of Raynauds
β-adrenoceptor antagonist, treatment of hypertension
Peptide drug, treatment of diabetes insipidus
Peptide drug, immunosuppression
Blocks mast cell Ca channels, inhibits degranulation
3rd gen. antihistamine
H2- antagonist
antibiotic to treat Helicobacter pylori
antibiotic to treat Helicobacter pylori
kallikrein inhibitor
Non-selective COX inhibitor
Reversible COX inhibitor, non-selective
Non-selective COX inhibitor
COX-2 selective inhibitor
COX-2 selective inhibitor
5HT3 antagonist - anti-emetic
D2 antagonist, anti-emetic
Muscarinic antagonist used as anti-emetic
H1 antagonist used as anti-emetic
5HT1D agonist, control migraine
5HT1 agonist, control migraine
short-acting corticosteroid
Medium-action corticosteroid
longer-term action corticosteroid
binds TNF-α
binds TNF-α
Binds IgE
Binds CD52
Inhibits release of inflammatory mediators from mast cells
Muscarininc antagonist, treatment of asthma and COPD
Phosphodiesterase inhibitor
inhibits folic acid synthesis, arthritis
interferes with lymphocytes, arthritis
Metabolite of penicillin, treatment of arthritis
Alkylates DNA, inhibits B,T cell proliferation, immunosuppression
inhibits secretion of IL2, immunosuppressant

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