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Can you name all 92 players with 15+ goals/assists in 2011/2012? (Top 5 leagues only)

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Goals/AssistsPlayer NameClub/Nationality
66Barcelona (ARG)
58Real Madrid (POR)
40Arsenal (NED)
37Schalke (NED)
36Lille (BEL)
34AC Milan (SWE)
31Man City (ARG)
31Man United (ENG)
30Udinese (ITA)
30Montpellier (FRA)
30Bayern Munich (GER)
30Borussia Dortmund (POL)
29Real Madrid (ARG)
28Tottenham (TOG)
28Real Madrid (FRA)
28Palermo (ITA)
27Atletico Madrid (COL)
27Inter Milan (ARG)
26Napoli (URU)
26Werder Bremen (PER)
26Borussia M'Gladbach (GER)
26Parma (ITA)
25Cologne (GER)
24Genoa (ARG)
24Bayern Munich (FRA)
23Fulham (USA)
23Saint-Etienne (GAB)
21Real Betis (ESP)
21Stuttgart (AUT)
21Borussia Dortmund (JAP)
Goals/AssistsPlayer NameClub/Nationality
21Real Madrid (GER)
21Man City (ESP)
20Real Madrid (ARG)
20Bayer Leverkusen (GER)
20Athletic Bibao (ESP)
20Wolfsburg (CRO)
20Valencia (ESP)
19Atalanta (ARG)
19Osasuna (ESP)
19Hoffenheim/Stuttgart (BIH)
19Levante (CIV)
19Chelsea (ESP)
19PSG / Argentina
19Schalke (ESP)
19Real Sociedad (MEX)
19Blackburn (NGA)
18Newcastle (SEN)
18Tottenham (WAL)
18Rennes (FRA)
18Napoli (SVK)
18Lyon (ARG)
18Rayo Vallecano (ESP)
18Man United (POR)
18Tottenham (NED)
18Borussia M'Gladbach (VEN)
17Montpellier (MAR)
17Man City (BIH)
17Barcelona (ESP)
17Bordeaux (FRA)
17Norwich (ENG)
Goals/AssistsPlayer NameClub/Nationality
17Fiorentina (MNE)
17Lazio (GER)
17Sevilla (ESP)
17Sevilla (ESP)
17Marseille (FRA)
17Bayern Munich (NED)
17Barcelona (CHI)
17Marseille (FRA)
17Man United (ECU)
17Barcelona (ESP)
16Evian Thonon Gaillard (FRA)
16Bologna (ITA)
16Chelsea (ENG)
16Catania (ITA)
16Auxerre (KEN)
16Juventus (ITA)
16Novara (ITA)
16Sunderland (BEN)
16Juventus (MNE
16Arsenal (ENG)
15Levante (ESP)
15Borussia Dortmund (POL)
15Mallorca (URU)
15Lyon (FRA)
15Valencia (BRA)
15Roma (ITA)
15Lyon/Roma (BIH)
15AC Milan (BRA)
15Malaga (VEN)
15Werder Bremen (SWE)
15Roma (ITA)

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