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Me and X to the Z be like nicky and equiptoHeat Seeking Missiles
fielding report says that we gotta get some newports, smoking all the 'too short'The Fritz Compendium Vol. I
if you aint down with the fritz you just a bitch bitchThe Fritz Compendium Vol. I
have i forgotten to mention that i can spray hollow tips at you from any directionThe Fritz Compendium Vol. I
and asher roth **** sucks dickNecormancy
red dot on your forehead makes you a target, sniping from a window in a neighboring apartmentHeat Seeking Missiles
i be like chauncey in the clutch, or kevin smith when i rush gotta get my touchesNecormancy
im waiting for you up in your bedroom, im that 6'3 dude in a jason costumeNecormancy
go go gadget dick... and when you see it comin, you better run quickNecormancy
i will attack you brutally and then ill speak at your euology askin 'why did this bitch think he could do this to me'The Fritz Compendium Vol. I
in the distance we hear new years bells, what will happen? time will tell, but when your face comes up on my cell, i can smile cause all is wellFritz Tarnicus
we hide like a snake, just listen for the rattle, we rush, like a halo 3 big team battle, we initiate new members with fraternity paddles and we ride off on a white horse, connecteFritz Tarnicus
this rap **** is a platform to perform and unleash a swarm of beasts, in the eye of the storm, deleterious, my **** ways are mysterious **** with the fritz punk bitch are you seNecormancy
**** those **** .... thinking they hot ****, thinking that they got what it takes to top the fritz clique, run em all down put um in the ground real quick, slick like the draft yThe Fritz Compendium Vol. I
when the beat stops do you realize, that my g's are ready to monopolize, all my fleet settin up the enterprise, send um a tape and ill be out there laterNecormancy
take out another roll of twenties from my pocket, fritz clan bangin, never gonna stop itNecormancy
fritz clan started out bloomfield michigan, went down to florida where we got a little fishing in, then to indiana where i got a little pimpin in, hancock county bumpin mother ****Heat Seeking Missiles
and a blunt in my ear so pass me the grinder, i need my nug shaved down a little finer, im like zetterberg waiting on the one timer, rap lyrics fillin up my three ring binderHeat Seeking Missiles
think that you can hack it with my intergalactic tactics think you wanna get right down a back yo **** cause i got ewoks that'll eat yo **** The Fritz Compendium Vol. I
bust like a renegade, rush never hesitate, gone when i detonate, no more time to run away, while you were sittin and drinkin on a sunny saturday, i was waiting in the shade, ready Heat Seeking Missiles
new ... in town, well ive always been here but i kept it on the down but now i cant be silenced, im bringing back hood violence and its gonna be intense so put in your two sense anThe Fritz Compendium Vol. I
fritz clan, fritz clan talkin bout the fritz, fritz clannnnnHeat Seeking Missiles
and now im comin back down to earth, ready for the track to burst, back and heavy with the thirstHeat Seeking Missiles
its the time of the year when the weathers getting clear and the summers getting near and the bitches start runnin in the minimal gear, and i like it when i hear a freak whisper inNecormancy
I got my tongue in my lip so that you know im on da fritzzzzHeat Seeking Missiles

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