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Can you name the Pokemon Abilities introduced in Generation 4?

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Powers up moves of the same type.
Damages the foe landing the finishing hit.
Raises Attack upon taking a critical hit.
Senses the foe's dangerous moves.
Reduces a sleeping foe's HP.
Adjusts power according to the foe's lowest defensive stat.
Reduces HP if it is hot. Water Restores HP.
Powers down super-effective moves.
Powers up party Pokemon when it is sunny.
Determines wha tmoves the foe has.
The Pokemon can check the foe's held item.
Encourages the early use of a held Berry.
Weakens the power of Fire-type moves.
The Pokemon may gather Honey from somewhere.
Heals status problems if it is raining.
The Pokemon regains HP in a hailstorm.
Boosts the power of punching moves.
The Pokemon can't use any held items.
Prevents status problems in sunny weather.
The Pokemon only takes damage from attacks.
Moves can be used regardless of abilities.
Raises Speed if hit by an Electric-type move.
Changes type to match the held Plate.
Ensures the Pokemon and its foe's attacks land.
All the Pokemon's moves become the Normal type.
Restores HP if the Pokemon is poisoned.
Boosts Speed if there is a status problem.
Powers up moves that have recoil damage.
Raises Attack if the foe is of the same gender.
Enables moves to hit Ghost-type foes.
The Pokemon is prone to wild stat changes.
Increases the frequency of multi-strike moves.
Temperarily halves Attack and Speed.
Powers up moves if they become critical hits.
Raises evasion in a hailstorm.
The Pokemon summons a hailstorm in battle.
Boosts Sp. Atk, but lowers HP in sunshine.
Powers down super-effective moves.
The Pokemon moves after even slower foes.
Raises Speed each time the Pokemon flinches.
The Pokemon draws in all Water-type moves.
Heightens the critical-hit ratios of moves.
Raises evasion if the Pokemon is confused.
Powers up the Pokemon's weaker moves.
Powers up 'not very effective' moves.
Ignores any change in stats by the foe.
Raises Speed if a held item is used.

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