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Can you name the facts about Tsar Nicholas II?

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The city in which He was born
Ballerina who fancied Him
The name of the brother He was closest to
The country in which He was nearly killed
His minister of Finance
The first name of his Mother (Russian name)
The country of His Mother's birth
His age when Tsar Alexander II died
The first name of His Father
The year in which He was crowned
The names of His four daughters
The Grand Duchesses who introduced Rasputin to the Imperial Couple
Country of birth of His Wife
The country where She spent most of Her childhood
First name of His Aunt, married to King Edward VII of the United Kingdom
First name of His Wife
The year the Russo-Japanese war began
His favourite composer
His favourite author
Minister of Interior killed in 1903
Prime Minister from 1906 to 1911
Tragedy at the Tsar's coronation took place here
British Ambassador during His reign
French Ambassador during His reign
Treaty signed and then revoked with Kaiser Wilhelm II
Village on the Thames where the Tsar and His Family stayed
Language He used to talk to His Wife
Number of languages He could speak
City in which He laid a stone for a train station
He was born on the day in the Russian Orthodox Calendar set aside for this prophet
The location of HQ at the start of WW1
But, it was later moved to...
Who He first abdicated in favour of
But, He changed His decision to...
First sent into exile by...
First place in Siberia He was exiled to...
He and His Family were shamefully killed in this city
He was buried in the Peter and Paul fortress in this year
Made a saint (or passion-bearer) by the ROC in this year
The name of His doctor

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