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'Christ' is derived from the Ancient Greek word 'Christos', meaning what?
What colour is known as 'Gelb' in German?
Which Eastern European nation was France's first opponent at Euro 2016?
Which British model was involved in a controversial diamond deal with the then Liberian President, Charles Taylor?
How many countries end in '-stan'?
Which English letter is most similar in appearance to the Russian equivalent of the letter 'n'?
The Russian ruler known as Catherine the Great was born in which modern European country?
Which European football team plays home matches at the Estadio do Dragao?
Which country in Central Asia is the largest landlocked country in the world?
What type of cream is most often used in a Russian beef stroganoff?
Which Disney movie is set in Agrabah?
There are 2 tables with the epithet 'Resolution' in the world. One is in the White House but where is the other?
What compass point is 270 degrees anti-clockwise from North?
What name is given to an angle of less than 90 degrees?
Which political philosopher obtained his PhD from the University of Jena?
Which Russian author wrote the novel 'The Idiot'?
In which year was the devastating earthquake in Lisbon, which destroyed 85% of the buildings?
In which country does the Danube have its source?
Which footballer was born on Madeira on February 5th, 1985?
How many castles are in the shield on the Portuguese flag?

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