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Which team has won the European Cup/Champions League the most times, after Real Madrid?
In which country do Shakhter Karagandy play domestic football?
Which non-league English team plays home games at Moss Rose?
Which two France internationals were involved in a sex tape blackmail scandal?
Who won the first World Cup after WW2?
Which two Italian sides played in the UEFA Champions League final at Old Trafford?
Which footballer was referred to as 'The Divine Ponytail'?
Who is the most capped Spanish international?
A maximum of how many players are allowed inside the centre circle at kick-off?
How far, in yards, is the penalty spot from the goal line?
Which player did Barcelona sign from Atl├ętico Madrid last summer?
Which former referee's autobiography is called 'Refereeing my Life'?
Which referee took charge of the famous 'Battle of Old Trafford' between Manchester United and Arsenal?
Which French team did Arsenal sign Laurent Koscielny from?
Who is the most expensive player involved in a transfer between two British clubs?
What are the three teams located in Wales that participate in English football?
Which player was sacked by West Brom for making a 'Quenelle' gesture?
Who was the first goalkeeper to win the FIFA Ballon D'or?
Which country won the first European Championships in 1960?
Which nation has won the most Africa Cup of Nations titles, with 7?

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