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Forced Order
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First NameTitle
 Nazarbayev, President
 Merkel, Chancellor
 Jinping, President
 Obama, President
 Cameron, Prime Minister
 Hollande, President
 Renzi, Prime Minister
 Putin, President
 Sirleaf-Johnson, President
 Mugabe, President
 Mohamed, King (Regal Number, Morocco)
 Morales, President
 Pena Nieto, President
 Trudeau, Prime Minister
 Zuma, President
First NameTitle
 Erdogan, Prime Minister
 Rajoy, Prime Minister
 Willem Alexander, King (Regal Number, Netherlands)
 Hans-Adam, Prince (Regal Number, Liechtenstein)
 Abbott, Prime Minister
 Kenny, Prime Minister/Taoiseach
 Harald, King (Regal Number, Norway)
 Ma, President
 Al-Assad, President
 Netanyahu, Prime Minister
 Abbas, President
 Bin Abdulaziz al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia
 Dos Santos, President
 Fernandez de Kirchner, President
 Aung San Kyi, President

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