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QUIZ: Can you name the Famous Russians?

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Which Russian Tsar initiated the Emancipation of the Serfs?
Who is the most successful Russian/Soviet gymnast?
Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote a book called: 'One day in the life of...' who?
Which Russian composer wrote 'The Dance of the Swans'?
Who was the first Russian/Soviet to win the FIFA Ballon D'or?
In which century did Dmitri Mendeleev compile the Periodic Table?
Who is the most celebrated Russian chess player?
Which Russian statesman, of Dutch extraction, wrote the 1905 Constitution?
Who was the last Tsar of Russia to be crowned?
How many names does a Russian person have, officially?
Which Russian author wrote a short story called 'The Crocodile'?
Which ruler of Russia expanded the Russian navy to rival those of England and the German states?
Why did Ivan Pavlov experiment with dogs?
Which Russian footballer left Manchester United for Everton in the 1990s?
Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin has been President of Russia since his most recent election win in what year?
Who was Commander-in-Chief of the Russian army during WW1 before the Tsar took over command?
Which Russian composer attempted to kill himself several times reportedly because of his homosexuality?
Which former Russian tennis player has a sister named Dinara, who was also a tennis player?
What network is the Russian version of Facebook, invented by Pavel Durov?
Which Russian/Soviet director was famous for his silent movies?

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