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What is England's second-largest city?
Which England footballer has a goal wrongfully not awarded at the 2010 FIFA World Cup?
What is the last county of England, alphabetically?
Which national park is home to Lake Windermere?
What is the county town of Suffolk?
Which motorway connects Birmingham with the South-West?
Which London train station operates services to Norwich?
Who is the most successful manager in the history of English club football?
Which English cricketer is nicknamed 'Freddie'?
Who was the last male British tennis player to win Wimbledon, before Andy Murray?
What is the busiest Underground station in London?
What is the oldest University in England?
What is the only county in England without a city?
Which Scandinavian country gives a Christmas tree to England/Britain every year, in return for services during WW2?
Which country forms the longest-lasting alliance in Europe with England?
Who was the first King of a Unified England?
Which King commissioned Westminster Abbey?
Which town on the Isle of Wight is home to a sailing regatta every summer?
Which patriotic song was written by Thomas Arne?
How many different clubs have won the Premier League?

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