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Can you name the facts about colours?

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Which colour is better at absorbing heat- black or white?
What colour is a surname of one of the aliases of Frank Abagnale Jr. in Catch Me if you Can?
Which colour has the most shades?
What is the main colour on the Austrian coat of arms?
What type of animal has a yellow patch in the middle of its abdomen, and is given the nickname Sun?
What colour signified nobility in Ancient Rome?
What colour is crimson a shade of?
What name is given to a piece of equipment used in art to store different paints?
How many colours appear on the Syrian flag?
How many colours appear on the flag of Russia?
What colour is the ale made in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in Great Britain?
How many colours appear on the Spectrum of Light?
What makes blood red?
What colour are dandelion flowers?
How do you say red in Portuguese?
Which Harry Potter professor´s first name is Latin for white?
What colour is the highest belt in martial arts?
What colour is the burning state of magnesium?

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