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The one with the world's largest hot desert. 
The one known as 'the New World'. 
The southernmost one on Earth. 
The most popoulous one. 
The northernmost one of the African Great Lakes. 
The shrinked one, due to Soviet Union's irrigation projects. 
The largest one on the border Alberta-Saskatchewan. 
The one regarded as the lowest point of Africa. 
The one with waters only in the Northern Hemisphere. 
The one occupying an elongated S-shaped basin. 
The one between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. 
The one considered the driest place on Earth. 
The one known as the 'Heart of Dixie'. 
The one bounded by the Bering Sea. 
The one bordered by Mexico. 
The one named after the Quapaw Indians. 
The only one bordering either Bolivia, either Peru. 
The one between Pernambuco and Sergipe. 
The only one bordering French Guiana. 
The largest one. 
The most populous one of the Prairies. 
The world's largest one. 
The one on the west bank of the Hudson River. 
The one at the mouth of the Severn River. 
The one with the world headquarters of The Coca-Cola. 
The one in Vacationland, according to license plates. 
The one on the Colorado River. 
The one in Mexico renamed in 1885 to honor Benito Juárez. 
The one in Mexico whose name means 'hot waters'. 
The one In the US known as 'the Duke City'. 
The largest one in the US State known as Seward's Folly. 
The one known as the gambling mecca on the East Coast. 
The one in Costa Rica, birthplace of the national hero Juan Santamaría. 
The one independent since the Treaty of Rawalpindi. 
The one in the Balkans. 
The largest one on the Mediterranean Sea. 
The one in the Pyrenees. 
The one with the exclave of Cabinda. 
The one in the Lesser Antilles. 
One of the 'ABC nations' (or 'ABC Powers'). 
The one converted to Christianity by St Gregory the Illuminator. 
The one with the island of Tasmania. 
The one where the Schilling was the official currency. 
The one with the exclave of Nakhchivan. 
The one flowing through the capital city of Switzerland. 
The one rising in the Andes from Juncal + Blanco Rivers. 
The 2nd-longest one in Italy. 
The main one in the Americas. 
The one formed by the Vakhsh and Panj rivers. 
The one in Siberia flowing into the Bering Sea. 
The only one flowing out of Lake Baikal. 
The main tributary of the Tocantins River. 
The one marking the border between Russia and China. 
The one flowing under the 'Ponte Vecchio' in Florence. 
The one associated with Shakespeare's birthplace. 
The one flowing from north to south through Myanmar. 
The one in Peru whose name means 'where the gods speak'. 
The one forming part of the border Colombia-Venezuela. 
The former one of Ethiopia. 
The one for New Zealand in Maori language. 
ANCIENT CAPITAL of the Khmer kingdom. 
SACRED CITY in Ancient Egypt known for Temple of Seti I. 
The one on the Persian Gulf. 
The one that replaced Lagos in 1991. 
The one on the Gulf of Guinea. 
The one where Amharic is official language. 
The largest one in the Maghreb. 
The one known as Philadelphia by the ancient Greeks. 
The one with the oldest stock exchange. 
The highest one in Europe. 
The one known for its Atakule Tower and its Anıtkabir. 
The one on the largest African island. 
The one on Upolu Island. 
The one near the Iranian border. 
The one regarded as 'New Rome' or 'Italy's African City'. 
The one on the Ishim River. 
The one in the River Plate Basin. 
The one dominating the Attica periphery. 
The ones in Bismarck Archipelago even called Manus Islands. 
The ones near Sicily even known as Lipari Islands. 
The ones in the Baltic Sea which are an autonomous region. 
The about 300 ones forming an arc in Northern Pacific. 
The largest one in the Bellingshausen Sea. 
The one of TAAF named after a capital city. 
The ones in the Bay of Bengal between India and Burma. 
The one that is a county off the north west coast of Wales. 
The one into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. 
The ones in the Caribbean divided into Greater and Lesser. 
The only inhabited one of Syria. 
The ones which are an autonomous region of Portugal. 
The ones that are a dependency of Mauritius. 
The one of Equatorial Guinea even known as Pagalu or Pigalu. 
The northernmost one of the Greek Cyclades. 
The one in Ébrié Lagoon. 
The one near the border with Kyrgyzstan. 
The one between the Atlantic Ocean and Lake Togo. 
The one called Tāmaki Makaurau by the Maori. 
The one on the banks of the Northern Dvina River. 
The one on the left bank of the Kuban River 
The one which is the capital city of the Republic of Khakassia. 
The one on the left bank of the Volga River. 
The one on the island of Pitcairn. 
The one on the island known as the 'Rock of Polynesia'. 
The one on Rarotonga Island. 
The one in Northern Territory regarded as geographic centre of the country. 
The one of Papua New Guinea on the northern shore of Milne Bay 
The one in Australia on the shores of Gulf St Vincent. 
The one disputed and unrecognized on the Black Sea. 
The one near Limassol. 
The southernmost unincorporated territory of the U.S. 
The one directly north of Saint Martin. 
One of the ABC Islands in the Caribbean Sea. 
The one formerly considered a dependency of St Helena. 
The one in the Indian Ocean (south of Rote Island). 
The one bounded by Ross Dependency. 
The highest one in South America. 
The one well-known for Lord Buddha's sacred foot print. 
The highest point of peninsular India. 
One of the 3 highest mountains in Bolivia. 
The highest one in the Pyrenees. 
One of the 14 'eight-thousanders'. 
The highest one in New Zealand. 
The one famous for its connection with Noah's Ark. 
The one that is capital of the Brazilian State of Sergipe. 
The one in Ecuador referred to as Cradle of the 3 Juans. 
The one in Chile known as “La Perla del Norte”. 
The 2nd-largest one in Peru. 
The one in Chile known as the 'city of the eternal spring'. 
The one in Peru famous for its 33 churches: one for each year of Jesus's life. 
The one between Italy and the Balkan Peninsula. 
The one between the southern Balkans and Turkey. 
The westernmost portion of the Mediterranean Sea. 
The one to the southeast of the Bay of Bengal. 
The one linked by the narrow Strait of Kerch to the Black Sea. 
The one between India and Somalia. 
The one between Torres Strait and the Timor Sea. 
The one on the Seyhan River in the heart of Çukurova. 
The one in Yemen on a Gulf known as Pirate Alley. 
The one in Turkey whose symbol is Kızıl Kule (red tower). 
The largest one in Syria. 
The one in Turkey with the Fluted Minaret Mosque in Kaleiçi. 
The one in Israel at the mouth of the Lachish River. 
The one in Israel. Holiest city of the Bahá'í Faith. 
The one in India worldwide kwond for its Taj Mahal. 
The largest one in the Indian State of Gujarat. 
The one home to the Harmandir Sahib (the Golden Temple). 
The one which is capital city of the Maluku Province in Indonesia. 
The one in Henan that was one of the 8 Ancient Capitals of China 
The one in China on the edge of the Liao River Plains. 
The largest one in West Bengal State after Kolkata. 
The one where Charlemagne died and is buried. 
The one which is the capital of the Swiss canton of Aargau. 
The one in Scotland nicknamed 'the Grey City'. 
The one in Sicily famous for its Valley of the Temples. 
The one in Corsica where Napoléon Bonaparte was born. 
The one in Thrace named after King Alexander. 
The one in Sardinia near Neptune's Grotto and Nereo Cave. 
The one in Spain overlooked by the Castle of Santa Bárbara. 
The one in Spain famed for its Moorish castle: the Alcazaba. 
The one that was one of the Maritime Republics in Italy. 
The one in Picardy with the largest Cathedral of France. 
The one of the Boerentoren (tallest European skyscraper until 1952) 
One of the Dodecapolis (12 most important Etruscan cities) 
The one that is capital of the Belgian province of Luxembourg. 
The one famous as the birthplace of St. Francis. 
The one known for its 'Palais des Papes'. 
The one in Spain notable for its Walls and Saint Teresa. 
The one at the eastern boundary of Yellowstone Park. 
The one in Algeria with Mount Tahat as highest peak. 
The highest mountain range in the eastern Arabian peninsula. 
The one at the northern boundary of Italy 
The one with Zabriskie Point near Death Valley. 
The longest continental one in the world. 
The one in eastern Indochina. 
The one forming the Italian peninsula's backbone. 
The one running from Newfoundland to Alabama. 
The one along the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. 
The one extending through Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. 
The highest one of mainland Australia. 
The one in Central Asia where Irtysh and Ob have their sources. 
The one in Portugal whose name means 'Beyond the Tagus'. 
The southernmost one in mainland Portugal. 
The smallest one in metropolitan France (near Germany). 
The one in Spain bordering Portugal and Gibraltar. 
The one forming a high heel on the 'boot' of Italy. 
The one in France with Bordeaux as capital city. 
The one in Spain with Zaragoza as capital city. 
The one forming a region of France together with Champagne. 
The one on the Cantabrian Sea with Oviedo and Gijón. 
The historic one in Greece on the Saronic Gulf. 
The one in france with Clermont-Ferrand as capital. 
AUTONOMOUS REPUBLIC in the southwestern corner of Georgia. 
The one in Ethiopia known for the Battle fought in 1896. 
The largest one in northern Niger. 
The one in Morocco just north of the estuary of Souss River. 
The one whose Pharos (lighthouse) was one of the 7 Wonders. 
The one in Sudan known as the Railway City. 
The one in Ethiopia, once capital of the Aksumite Empire. 
The largest one of the Egyptian governorate of North Sinai. 
The one in Egypt known for nearby Low and High Dams. 
The one in Algeria called Hippo Regius during Roman times. 
The one in western Eritrea on the Barka River. 
The one near the Horn of Africa known as Danakil Depression, 
REGION of Ethiopia where there is the source of the Nile River. 
SPECIAL TERRITORY on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra. 
The westernmost part of Asia between Black Sea and Levantine Sea. 

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