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Where are you if…CountryNotes
…if you can take pictures of the Boaruka Island and the Devil's Cataract during your visit to the 'Victoria Falls'
…if you can see the Albert Memorial Clock, visit the Ulster Museum and then go shopping in 'Victoria Square'
…if you can visit Cambridge Bay, the largest settlement on 'Victoria Island'
…if you can admire in the 'Victoria Memorial Hall' a large collection of memorabilia relating to the British colonialism ended in 1947
…if you can bike to the summit of Mont Arthabaska in 'Victoriaville' (Capitale des Bois-Francs)
…if you can walk on Livingstone Island and swim in the Devil's Pool, in the middle of 'Victoria Falls'
…if you work in 'Victorias City' for the 'Victorias Milling Company', the country largest sugar refinery located in the province of Negros Occidental
...if you can visit the historic fortified Citadel, in the heart of 'Victoria', on Gozo Island in the Mediterranean Sea
…if, due to the difficulty of ascent, you need a special permission to ascend 'Mount Victoria' in the island of Palawan
…if on a cruise in the South China Sea, you can disembark in 'Victoria Harbour' and have a walk in the Avenue of Stars along the promenade in Tsim Sha Tsui.
…if around in 'La Victoria District', you can stop in Puerto Casado to visit its sites dated back to the historical epoch of the Chaco War.
…if at the beginning of XX century you were in 'Victoria City', a British colony since 1841 initially named 'Queenstown'
…if you could join an Arctic expedition to Cape Knipovich on Victoria Island
…if you can see the statue of Queen Victoria, when you walk into 'Victoria Park', in Causeway Bay, for the Lunar New Year Fair
…if you stop in 'Victoria', during your discovery of Transylvania
…if you can pass Angeles, reach San Francisco in 'Victoria' and then continue your journey in the central part of Luzon driving to San Jose
…if you spend some time in 'Victoria County' to visit the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, the Cabot Trail and the village of Baddeck in Nova Scotia
…if you can drive on the 'Victoria Bridge' over the Brisbane River?
…if you can see in 'Victoria Square' the fountain designed by artist John Dowie to represent three rivers (the Torrens, the Onkaparinga and the Murray)
…if you can see the 'Town of Victoria Park', a Local Government Area bounded on the West by the City of South Perth?
…if you wake up in Jasper, in the Athabasca River valley, and you can admire the rising of the dawn on the 'Victoria Cross Ranges'
…if you can drive on 'Victoria Street', have some relax under centennial plane trees at 'Victoria Park' and go shopping at 'New World Victoria Park' close to Westhaven Marina
…if you can do birdwatching at the 'Lake Victoria', which is separated from Bass Strait by a narrow strip of coastal dunes
...if you can see a copy of the London Little Ben Clock Tower, walking in the centre of 'Victoria', on the north-eastern side of Mahé island
…if after visiting the Neo-Gothic Cathedral in Manizales, you can go on a Birdwatching Tour in the Bella Vista Reserve near 'Victoria'
…if you can take a walk at the Beacon Hill Park in 'Victoria', the 'City of Gardens'
…if you can arrive by tube at 'Victoria Station' and there get a train to Brighton or to Paris
…if you start from 'Victoria' your adventure in the Araucanía de los Andes, stopping in Curacautin and then reaching Lonquimay by the tunnel Las Raíces
…if you can view the annual 'Victoria Symphony Splash concert' from a boat docked at the 'Victoria Harbour' of the 'City of Victoria'
…if you can have your business meetings in an exclusive offshore modern complex in the Financial Park at Jalan Merdeka (in Bandar Labuan, formerly known as 'Victoria')
…if you can see the 'Victoria Memorial', completed in 1911 by Sir Thomas Brock, during your visit to Buckingham Palace
…if you can take a boat trip out to Ukerewe Island or to Rubondo Island National Park in the 'Lake Victoria' using the passenger transport services of Mwanza
…if you can admire a panoramic view of the Waitemata Harbour and the inner Hauraki Gulf from 'Mount Victoria'
…if after visiting the Monumento Histórico Nacional a la Bandera, you can drive on the Rosario-Victoria Bridge to 'Victoria'
…if you can see at 140 Wellington St., just across from the Parliament Hill, the 'Victoria Building' designed by John Albert Ewart, and then take a walk along the Rideau Canal?
…if you can rent an office in 'Victoria Island' to open an African branch
…if you can enjoy your holidays on the black sand beaches of 'Victoria', today known as Limbe
…if you spend few days at the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, hiking and climbing 'Victoria Peak'
…if you can cross the St. Lawrence River on the historical 'Victoria Jubilee Bridge'?
…if you can catch a train to Liverpool at 'Manchester Victoria Station'
…if you can attend classes at the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas or at the Universidad Politecnica de 'Victoria'
…if you can go to the summit of 'Victoria Peak' to enjoy the panoramic view over the city and the surrounding islands, as 7 million visitors do every year
…if, visiting the Greek Orthodox Cathedral or the Government House on 'Mount Victoria', your local guide tell you about the scenes of The Lord of the Rings shot nearby.
…if you could afford an extreme experience at the coldest temperatures on Earth, lodging at Lake Vanda Hut and making an expedition to Don Juan Pond in 'Victoria Land'
…if you go to visit a friend living in one of the 32 barangays of 'Victoria', in the province of Oriental Mindoro
…if you can walk under the Voissoir Arches of the Palacio de Gobierno and take your kids to play at Guadiana Park in 'Victoria de Durango'
…if you can relax at 'Victoria Park' when you go to Hamilton for the Argo Group Gold Cup
…if you can drive on the 'Victoria Bridge' over the Nepean River?
…if you can visit the Hydro Electric Museum in 'Victoria', often referred to as the crossroads to Trinity and Conception Bays
…if you can use the 'Royal Victoria Dock Bridge' to go from the Britannia Village to the ExCeL?
…if you can see the Twelve Apostles and the Skydeck 88 of the Eureka Tower, during your holiday in 'Victoria State'
…if you can get a train at Square-Victoria Metro Station on the Orange Line and go to the Moshe Safdie's striking Habitat 67 apartment complex
…if you can visit the Impala Sanctuary in Kisumu, one of the largest cities in the country and one of the most important ports on 'Lake Victoria'
…if you can get a train at 'Victoria Terminus' (or Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus), a city famous architectural landmark in Gothic style
…if you can watch the team of the Alianza Lima practice in the Estadio Alejandro Villanueva in 'La Victoria District'
…if you can visit the 'Great Victoria Desert', a World Biosphere Reserves where you can see Dingoes and Water-holding Frogs
…if you can visit the Kasubi Tombs and then take a ferryboat for a journey on the close 'Lake Victoria'
…if drinving along the Carretera Central, you stop to fuel in 'Victoria de las Tunas'
…if you can meet the Prime Minister at 'Palatul Victoria'
…if visiting the capital city on a clear day, you can catch a glimpse of the over-4000-metres-high 'Mount Victoria' (about 75 km away) and go to the PNG National Museum at Waigan
…if you can attend classes at the Universidad de San Andrés and watch a football match of the Club Atlético Tigre at the Estadio Monumental de 'Victoria'
…if you can stay at 'Victoria College' and study at the 'University of Houston-Victoria' in 'Victoria', along the Guadalupe River

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