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Can you name the lakes suggested by clues within the given time?

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AThe one which years ago was one of largest lakes, before being used by Soviet Union for irrigation projects.
BThe deepest one in the world.
CThe one variously considered the world's largest lake or a full-fledged sea.
DThe one which is a flood-basin of the Yangtze River and is famous in Chinese culture as the place of origin of Dragon boat racing.
EThe smallest one of the African Great Lakes.
FThe one also known as 'Cami Lake' and shared by Argentina and Chile on the main island of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago.
GThe largest one entirely within a single US State.
HThe one of the 'Great Lakes' of North America where lies Manitoulin Island.
IThe one located in the northern Tian Shan mountains and whose name means 'hot lake' in the Kyrgyz language.
JThe largest one entirely within Peru. Known as 'Chinchaycocha' (Northern Lake) in Quechua.
KThe one which is in the Pamir Mountains and is even known as 'Black Lake'.
LThe largest one in Europe.
MThe one which is connected to the Gulf of Venezuela.
NThe one located on Baffin Island and considered as the largest lake on an island.
OThe one of the five 'Great Lakes' of North America, whose name means 'Lake of Shining Waters'.
PThe biggest transboundary lake in Europe on the border between Estonia and Russia.
QThe one claimed to be the deepest fjord lake in the world.
RThe one located on the border between northeastern Saskatchewan and northwestern Manitoba.
SThe largest one of the five traditionally-demarcated 'Great Lakes' of North America.
TThe one considered as the highest commercially navigable lake in the world.
UThe largest one in the Middle East.
VThe largest one in Africa.
WThe largest one contained within a single Canadian province.
XThe other name of 'Lake Managua' in Nicaragua.
YThe biggest one of the 'Fuju Five Lakes' in Japan.
ZThe one where lies the largest city of Switzerland.

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