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Its 'Red Square' is often considered not only its the central point, but the centre of its whole country.It's a CITY and the home of the University of Idaho, the land grant institution and primary research university for the state.
Montecarlo is one of its administrative areas. Widely known for its casino and its Formula One Grand Prix.It's the NAME for 'Munich' to Italian speakers.
It's the capital city of the 2nd largest country in Oceania.It's an ISLAND west of Southern Patagonian Ice Field.
After World War II, it was divided in two areas (East and West) until the fall of the Wall in 1989.FORMER NAME of the city of Kitchener, located in the Grand River Valley in Southern Ontario.
It's an African capital city on the Mediterranean Sea. Its name comes from a Greek word meaning 'three cities'.It's the CAPITAL CITY of the North Governorate, in Lebanon
Nicknamed 'Garden City of the Caribbean', it's located at the mouth of the Demerara River in South America.I'ts the CAPITAL CITY of a British Territory in the Atlantic Ocean.
Located in Benelux, it's the de facto capital city of the European Union.It's a TOWN in Ontario. Located within the municipality of Huron East.
It's one of the southernmost country capital cities of South America.It's the 2nd largest CITY of the the most populous island nation in the Caribbean.
It was established by the French who named the settlement with their word for the 'reeds' which grew along the river banks.It's the longest RIVER in the island where Castries is the capital city.
Its oldest part, Settler Town, was established by the Nova Scotians in 1792.It's an AREA in East Hampton, originally inhabited by freed slaves and Native Americans.
Founded in 1548, its name commemorates the restoration of peace following the insurrection of Pizarro.It's the CAPITAL CITY in the state of Baja California Sur and the home of the three leading marine biology institutes in Latin America.
Founded by the French in 1650 as 'Fort Royal', it was renamed in honour of King George III after the second British occupation.It's a CHANNEL between Ireland and Great Britain.
Located on the western shore of the estuary of the Río de la Plata, it's the largest metropolitan area in South America outside Brazil.Established in 1985, it's a NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE in Arizona.
It's a port on an inlet of the Gulf of Guinea. Also known as 'Hogbonou' and 'Adjacé'.Without the hyphen, it's a CITY and a municipality in the island of Santo Antão.
Founded in 1790, it's located on the north bank of the Potomac River.It's a US STATE on the West Coast.
It's a Holy City to the three major Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.It's one of 16 Palestinian GOVERNORATES situated in the central portion of the West Bank.
Its 'Belem Tower' is a World Heritage Site since 1983 because of the significant role played in the maritime discoveries.It's 'New' if referred to the FORMER NAME of Huambo, one of the largest cities in the country.
Located on the River Thames, '221B Baker Street' and '10 Downing Street' are two of its worldwide famous residences.Located at the forks of the Thames River, it's one of the largest Canadian CITIES.
Named in honour of King Louis XV, it hosts the national derby called 'Champ de Mars', the oldest horse race course in the Indian Ocean.It is the FORMER CAPITAL of a British Territory and formerly it was known as 'Puerto Soledad'.
Located on the left bank of the Paraguay River, it is known as 'Mother of Cities' for being one of the oldest cities in South America.It's an UNINHABITATED ISLAND in the Northern Mariana Islands.
It's the one known as 'the City of Thousand Minarets' for its preponderance of Islamic architecture.It's a CITY known as 'Georgia's Hospitality City'; or the southernmost city of Illinois; or a town partly in the Catskill Park of New York; or…
Located in the province of North Holland, it hosts the oldest stock echange in the world.It's a VOLCANIC ISLAND in the Indian Ocean. Part of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands.
It's called 'la Ciudad de las Columnas' and 'the Paris of the Antilles'. Location of a famous movie with Robert Redford.It's 'Little' if referred to the LATIN QUARTER of Miami.
Dominating the Attica periphery, it's one of the world's oldest cities. Its recorded history spans around 3,400 years.It's a TOWN located about 90 km south west of Ottawa and each year celebrates its agricultural heritage with the 'Steam Fair'. Formerly known as Farmersville.
Among its many landmarks there is the 'Palacio de Comunicaciones' in 'Plaza de Cibeles', a square with a neo-classical complex of marble sculptures with fountains.It's a MUNICIPALITY in the province of 'Surigao del Sur' in Mindanao.
Originally built on seven hills, it was named 'Philadelphia' after being conquered by the Greeks.It's a RIVER in South Wales. It gives its name to the town of Ammanford.
Founded in 1738, it's one of the youngest capital cities in Central America.Located at the southern end of San Francisco Bay, it's one of the largest CITIES on the US West Coast.
Located on the river Seine and known as 'La Ville Lumière', it's one of the world's main tourist destinations.It's a CITY in Texas. Its symbol is a replica of the Eiffel Tower with a red cowboy hat at its summit.
It was founded by Pizarro as 'La Ciudad de los Reyes', but its present name is connected to a famous oracle destroyed by the Spanish.It's a DISTRICT bordered by 'Nueva Germania' and 'Santa Rosa del Aguaray'. The Aguaray Guazú River runs along that border.
It was constructed as a forward capital and temporarily replaced by Rawalpindi, until its development was completed.Alternative name for 'Anantnag', a CITY regarded as the commercial and financial capital of the valley of Kashmir.
It's the capital city of a Caribbean country; located on the largest of the two main islands.It's the easternmost Canadian provincial CAPITAL CITY; located on the northeast coast of the Avalon Peninsula, on the Atlantic Ocean.
Located on the Tiber River, it has been for centuries the seat of the Papacy.Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, it's one of the largest CITIES in Northwest Georgia.
It's the capital city of an African island country.It's the smallest mainland STATE of Australia. Melbourne is its capital.
It's one of the capital cities of the sovereign countries in the island of Hispaniola.It's a CITY and an important industrial center in one of the South American countries not bordered by Brazil.
Its English name means 'Black Pool'. Its local name is 'Baile Átha Cliath'.It's a suburban CITY of the East San Francisco Bay region. Known for its Saint Patrick's Day Parade.
It's the largest predominantly English-speaking city south of the United States.It's the CAPITAL CITY of an Australian External Territory in the South Pacific Ocean.

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