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Can you name the places suggested by clues (having 'PORT' in the name) ?

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COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY in Africa. Named after a French King.
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY in Africa. On an inlet of the Gulf of Guinea.
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY in Oceania. On the shores of the Gulf of Papua.
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY in Oceania. On the island of Efate.
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY in the Caribbean. Founded as 'Puerto de los Hispanioles'.
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY in the Caribbean. Named after a ship (Caribbean).
US TERRITORY in the Caribbean. Popularly known as 'La Isla del Encanto'.
TERRITORY CAPITAL CITY in South America. Initially known as 'Port Jackson'.
LARGE CITY in South Africa. Nicknamed the 'Friendly City' and 'Windy City'. Often shortened to PE.
TWIN CITY of 'Port Fouad'. Major eastern seaport in Egypt. At the entrance to Suez Canal.
LARGE CITY on the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Along the Douro river estuary. Known for wine.
STATE CAPITAL CITY of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. On the eastern bank of the Rio Guaiba.
STATE CAPITAL CITY of Rondonia in Brazil. On the eastern shore of the Madeira River.
FRONTIER CITY in Argentina. Famous for the world-renowned waterfalls nearby.
CAPITAL CITY of Los Lagos Region in Chile. Known as 'the Salmon Capital of Chile'.
CAPITAL CITY of the Ultima Esperanza Province in Chilean Patagonia.
CAPITAL CITY of Madre de Dios Region in Peru. Near the Bolivian border.
CAPITAL CITY of the Manabi Province in Ecuador. Known as 'the City of the Royal Tamarind Trees'.
CAPITAL CITY of the Amazonas State in Venezuela. Across the Orinoco River.
CITY on the north coast of Venezuela. Home to the country's largest port. Its name means 'Port Hair'
PORT CITY in Colón Province. On the northern part of the Isthmus of Panama.
CAPITAL CITY of the parish of Portland in northeastern Jamaica. Important shipping port and tourist centre.
DISTRICT and CITY of the Bahamas. On the island of Grand Bahama.
LARGEST CITY of Dominica. On the Indian River, on the island's northwest coast.
PROVINCE and CITY of Dominican Republic. Known for nearby resorts: Playa Dorada, Costa Dorada, etc.
BALNEARIO RESORT CITY in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. On the Pacific Ocean's Bahía de Banderas.
TOWN in Mexico. On the Emerald Coast. Important tourist attraction of the Oaxacan coast.
CITY of the US State of Texas. On the western bank of Sabine Lake.
COASTAL INLET of the Atlantic Ocean. In the Sea Islands region of South Carolina, US. Estuary of several rivers.
LARGE CITY of Louisiana, US. On a low elevation overlooking the Red River.
CITY of Virginia, US. On the western side of the Elizabeth River. Known as 'Pistol City'.
HISTORIC SEAPORT and popular summer tourist destination in New Hampshire, US. Originally named 'Piscataqua'.
MOST POPULOUS CITY in Connecticut, US. At the mouth of the Pequonnock River.
LARGEST CITY in Maine, US. Known as 'the Forest City'.
CITY in Illinois, US. Originally called 'Winneshiek'. Near the Wisconsin Border.
MAIN CITY of the Blue Water Area in Michigan. At the southern end of Lake Huron.
MOST POPULOUS CITY in Oregon, US. Known as 'the City of Roses'.
CITY on Vancouver Island (British Columbia, Canada). At the head of the Alberni Inlet.
CITY in the northwestern part of Tasmania, Australia. At the mouth of the Mersey River.
CAPITAL CITY of the island province of Palawan in the Philippines.
CITY home to the largest and busiest port in Malaysia.
CAPITAL CITY of the Red Sea State in Sudan. Main seaport in the country.
MAIN HARBOUR CITY of the island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean.
CAPITAL CITY of the Rivers State in Nigeria. In the Niger Delta, along the Bonny River.
Northernmost and easternmost ISLAND of the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira.
LARGE CITY and important seaport in Gabon. Close to Cape Lopez.
CITY and MUNICIPALITY of Cape Verde. On the island of Santo Antão.
LAST SEA TOWN in Spain before the French border.
TOWN on the Ligurian coast of Cinque Terre in Italy.
MAIN CENTRE of the Costa Smeralda in Italy. Seaside resort in northern Sardinia.
CITY in northern Sardinia, Italy. On the Gulf of Asinara. Known to Romans as 'Turris Libyssonis'.
LARGEST CITY of the Island of Elba in Italy. Its name means 'Iron Port'.
COASTAL TOWN on the Gulf of Trieste. One of the largest tourist areas of Slovenia.
SMALL ISLAND just off the south coast of England. Separated from the mainland by 'Ports Creek'.
LARGE CITY of Hampshire. On the south coast of England. UK's only island city.
LARGE CITY in south Wales, UK. On the banks of the River Usk.
FORMER CAPITAL CITY of the Falkland Islands.
FORMER NAME of Nouadhibou, the 2nd largest city in Mauritania.
FORMER NAME for Dalian, the 2nd-largest city in the Liaoning Province in China.

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