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COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY whose name means 'the City of the Thousand'. 
CAPITAL CITY known as 'the City of Thousand Minarets'. 
US STATE nicknamed 'the Land of 10,000 Lakes'. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY often referred to as 'the Land of a Thousand Hills' 
GROUP OF FRENCH ISLANDS baptized in 1520 'Ilhas das Onze Mil Virgens' (Eleven Thousand Virgins). 
CARIBBEAN SOVEREIGN COUNTRY nicknamed 'the Land of 365 beaches' 
US STATE that used on license plates 'the Centennial State' 
CITY in Morocco known as 'the City of the Hundred Minarets' 
CANADIAN CITY known as 'La Ville aux cent clochers' (City of a Hundred Belltowers) 
CAPITAL CITY known as 'the City of a Hundred Spires'. 
COUNTRY where there are 'the Thirteen Towers of Chankillo', believed to have been a solar observatory built in the 4th century BC. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY born from a group of British colonies known as 'the Thirteen Colonies' which declared to be independent states and no longer a part of the British Empire. 
GREEK ARCHIPELAGO formed of 12 larger plus 150 smaller islands in the Aegean Sea, among which there is Rhodes. 
ASIAN COUNTRY whose flag depits 12 white stars near a youthful crescent moon. 
AUSTRALIAN STATE home to the nationally significant 'Twelve Apostles' limestone stack formations. 
CARIBBEAN COUNTRY whose flag has in the centre a red disk with a sisserou parrot surrounded by 10 green stars. 
COUNTRY whose name is by certains believed not to come from 'Huns' (a group of Central Asian nomadic invaders), but rather from a word meaning 'the People of the Ten Arrows'. 
MOUNTAIN regarded as the place where Moses received the 'Ten Commandments', according to Abrahamic religions. 
FEDERAL REPUBLIC made of nine states, locally called 'Bundesländer'. 
TERRITORY with an area called Kowloon, meaning 'the Land of the Nine Dragons'. 
CHAIN OF NINE ISLANDS off the coast of Istanbul, in the Sea of Marmara. 
US STATE that, together with New York, California, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michiagan, is one of 'the Big Eight States'. 
COUNTRY whose flag depicts a stylised yellow sun on a red field, with eight broadening rays extending from the centre to the edge of the field. 
SOVEREIGN ISLAND COUNTRY whose name means 'eight standing together'. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY with the 'Seven Rila Lakes'. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY in Asia, whose easternmost region consists of the contiguous 'Seven Sisters States'. 
OCEANIC ISLAND whose main settlement is 'Edinburgh of the Seven Seas'. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY often referred to as 'L'Hexagone' (the Hexagon). 
UK REGION known as 'the Six Counties'. 
US STATE connected to a slogan about 'Six Flags', which are even shown on the reverse of its Seal. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY whose official flag is referred to as 'the Five Star Red Flag'. 
COUNTRY where there are 'the Fuji Five Lakes'. 
US STATE with 'the Pentagon', the headquarters of the US Department of Defense. 
SOVEREIGN ISLAND COUNTRY in the Western Pacific Ocean made up of four states. 
LARGEST COUNTRY among 'the Big Four' (even known as 'the BRIC countries') 
CITY in Bolivia known as 'the City with Four Names'. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY known as 'the Country of the Three Seas'. 
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY regarded as 'the Third Rome'. 
EUROPEAN COUNTRY known as 'the three F's country' 
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY named from a Greek word meaning 'three cities'. 
ISLAND COUNTRY whose official name means 'Kingdom of the Two Seas'. 
US CITY in Illinois nicknamed 'the Second City'. 
UK CITY known as 'the Second City of the British Empire'. 
US STATE nicknamed 'the First State'. 
US CITY in Indiana officially known as 'the City of Firsts' 
US CITY regarded as 'the First City of Alaska'. 

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