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Can you name the cities from their nicknames ?

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1. the Pearl of the Danube, the Queen of the Danube; 2. the Bangkok of Europe
1. the City of Sails; 2. the BIG Little City
the Athens of South America
La Madre de Ciudades y Cuna del Folklore (the Mother of Cities and Cradle of Folklore)
A Cidade Jardim (the Garden City)
1. the Oil Capital of Canada, Oil City; 2. the Festival City; 3. the Gateway to the North
1. the City of Seven Hills; 2. Philadelphia; 3. Rabbath Ammon
1. the City of Angels; 2. the Venice of the East
Nordens Venedig (the Venice of the North) - Mälardrottningen (the Queen of Lake Mälaren)
the Father of deer
1. the Paris of the Plans; 2. the City of Fountains; 3. the Heart of America
the Air Capital Of The World
1. the Mile-High City; 2. the Wall Street of the West
Micul Paris (the Little Paris of the East)
1. the City of the Seven Hills; 2. the Eternal City
1. the City of David; 2. the Holy City
La Tierra del Sol Amada (the Beloved Land of the Sun)
1. the Paris of South America; 2. la Reina Del Plata (Queen of the of the Río de la Plata)
1. Beantown; 2. the Athens of America; 3. the Cradle of Liberty
1. the City of Seven Hills; 2. the Nea Roma (New Rome )
the Big Durian
the Dear Green, the Dear Green Place
1. the City of Bridges, Bridge City; 2. the Hub City; 3. the POW City
the shopping capital of the Middle East
A Cidade das Mangueiras (the City of Mango Trees)
1. the La La Land; 2.the Entertainment Capital of the World; 3. The City of Angels
A Capital da Esperança (the Capital of Hope)
1. the Athens of the North; 2.Auld Reekie (Old Smoky)
1. the City of Humans - 2. Sheger - 3. Finfinne
El Botxo (the Hole)
the Space City
1. Hongkouver - 2. Vansterdam - 3. Hollywood North
1. Mokum; 2. Venetie van het noorden (the Venice of the North)
1. the Green City in the Sun - 2. Safari Capital of the World
1. the City of a Hundred Spires - 2. the Golden City
1. the Big Easy; 2. the Crescent City
La Ville aux cent clochers (the City of a Hundred Belltowers)
1. Cowtown; 2. the Stampede City
1. the Jerusalem of the West; 2. the Northern Damascus
the City of David
1. the Mother City; 2. the “Cape Grab”
la Ciudad de las Columnas (the City of Columns)
1. the Gateway City, Gateway to the West; 2. the Mound City
the Duke City
1. Cottonoplis; 2. the Rainy City; 3. Madchester
A Cidade Maravilhosa (The Marvelous City)
1. the Venice of the North; 2. the most abstract and intentional city in the world
1. the Granite City, Grey City, Silver City with the Golden Sands; 2. the Oil Capital of Europe
1. the Paris of the West; 2. the Motor City; 3. Motown; 4. Hockeytown
1. the Entertainment Capital of the World; 2. ”Sin City”
la Blanche (the Dazzling White City)
1. Sin City - 2. Hub City
1. the City of the Sun - 2. the City of Citrus
1. the Queen of the Adriatic; 2. the Floating City; 3. the City of Water, City of Bridges, City of Canals; 4. the City of Masks
the City of Thousand Minarets
the Shaky Village
1. the Live Music Capital of the World; 2. the City of the Violet Crown

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