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1. the Country of the Sacred Heart - 2. the Land of El Dorado
Helen of the West Indies
the Queen of the Antilles
the Switzerland of Central America
1. Puente del Mundo (Bridge of the World) - 2. el Centro del mundo y el Corazón del Universo (the Center of the World and the Heart of the Universe)
1. the Global cancer - 2. the Great Satan
1. the Land of Silver, Silvery Land - 2. the Land of Contrasts
the (original) Banana Republic
1. the Land of Gypsies and Calypsos - 2. the Island of the Trinity
1. La Perla de Las Antillas (the Pearl of the Antilles) 2. the Land of Miracles
1. Gringolandia - 2. Yankeeland
1. the Samba Country - 2. The Carnival Country
Uncle Sugar
1. a beggar sitting on a golden bench - 2. the Land of the Incas, the Empire of the Sun
1. the Saudi Arabia of the Green World - 2. the Country of the High Plateau
the Isle of Spice, the Spice Island of the Caribbean
1. the Nature Isle of the Caribbean - 2. the Land of 365 Rivers
1. the Land of Opportunity - 2. the Home of the Brave - the Land of the Free
1. South America's Switzerland - 2. Província Cisplatina (Cisplatine Province)
the Land of wood and water - the Land of Springs
the Country with a Smile
Tierra de Gracia (Land of Grace)
1. Uncle Sam - Lady Liberty - 2. the 11th province (or 4th territory)
1. El Corazón de América (the Heart of America) - 2. An island surrounded by land
1. La Perle des Antilles (the Pearl of the Caribbean). - 2. the Mountain Country
1. the Land of 365 beaches - 2. the Land of sun, sea and sand - 3. the Heart of the Caribbean
1. the Land of Beautiful Waters - 2. Nuestra Señora de las Nieves (Our Lady of the Snows)
the Land of Perpetual June
1. the Land of the Eternal Spring - 2. the Heart of the Mayan Civilization, the World of the Maya
1. the Heart of the Mayan Civilazation - 2. British Honduras
the Gems of the Antilles
1. La Tierra de Lagos y Volcanes (the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes) - 2. La Tierra de Poetas (the Land of Poets)
el País de los Quisqueyanos (the Country of Quisqueyans)
1. the Land of the Palm Trees - 2. the Soccer Country - 3. the Land of the Future
the Beating Heart of Amazon
1. Little England in the Caribbean - 2. Bim, Bimshire - 3. the Red Land with White Teeth
1. The 51st state - 2. A few acres of snow
1. la Tierra Azteca - 2. the Land of the Shaking Earth
1. the Great White North - 2. the True North Strong and Free
the Land of the Hummingbird
el País de los Catrachos
the Little United Nations - the Land of Seven Peoples
the Country of the Three Seas
the Robinson Crusoe Island
Land of many Rivers
the Soviet Canuckistan

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