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US CITY. Largest city and metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana. Known as 'The Crescent City' and 'The Big Easy'.
U.S. STATE. The one with Adirondack Park, the largest state park in the United States.
U.S. STATE between Canada and the Atlantic Ocean. Named after a southern English county and known as 'The Granite State'.
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Located in the south-western Pacific Ocean. Called 'Aotearoa' by indigenous Maori.
TERRITORY. Sui generis collectivity of France in the southwest Pacific. Popularly nicknamed 'le Caillou'.
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY. At the heart of the city is the magnificent Rashtrapati Bhavan, the official residence of the country President.
STATE of Australia. The most populous one.
PROVINCE of Canada. The only one which is constitutionally bilingual.
DISTRICT in the south eastern part of the province of Saskatchewan. Also known as 'Uusi Suomi'.
Smallest and only insular STATE of Venezuela, comprising Margarita Island, Coche and uninhabited Cubagua.
REGION. One of the three main regions of Hong Kong, alongside Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon peninsula.
CITY. One of the oldest town in North Carolina. Located at the confluence of the Trent and the Neuse rivers. Commonly known as the birthplace of Pepsi Cola.
CITY. Seaport city in Connecticut. Located at the mouth of the Thames River. Nicknamed 'the Whaling City'.
CITY on the banks of Río Grande, in the Mexican State of Tamaulipas. Known as 'Chuparosa' and 'Puerta a Mexico'.
CITY. Located in Krasnodar Krai. Main Russian port on the Black Sea. One of the few cities honoured with the Soviet title of 'the Hero City'.
CITY. Largest urban settlement of the island of Santo Antão in Cape Verde. Once called 'Carvoeiros'.
CAPITAL CITY of the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina. Located in the southern part of Pannonian Plain on the Danube river.
CITY in Kemerovo Oblast, where Dostoevsky married his first wife Maria Isayeva in 1857. Founded in 1618 on the Tom River as a Cossack fort named 'Kuznetsk'.
CAPITAL CITY of the Commewijne District in Suriname. Situated at the confluence of the Suriname River and Commewijne River.
CITY along the Ncandu River, in the North West corner of the KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa.
CAPITAL CITY of of the eponymous Swiss canton. Situated on the northwestern shore of the eponymous Lake.
CAPITAL CITY of Taranaki Region in New Zealand. Known for the Len Lye-designed artwork called 'Wind Wand' and for the close Pukekura Park.
CITY on Aquidneck Island in Rhode Island. Known as the city of some of the 'Summer White Houses' during the administrations of Presidents D.D.Eisenhower and J.F.Kennedy.
FORMER NAME of the Caroline Islands, a widely scattered archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean divided between Micronesia and Palau.
Most populous ISLAND in the Bahamas, containing more than 70% of the total population and the capital city Nassau.
Large ISLAND of Papua New Guinea. Often described as having the shape of a musket. Formerly named 'New Mecklenburg'.
Uninhabited and disputed ATOLLS in the western Caribbean Sea. Administered as a US Territory and also known as the 'Petrel Islands'.
ARCHIPELAGO of the Solomon Islands. Located to the northwest of Guadalcanal. Surrounded by coral reefs and including Marovo Lagoon, the world's largest salt water lagoon.
17th-century COLONIAL PROVINCE of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands on the East Coast of North America.
Largest ISLAND in the Bismarck Archipelago of Papua New Guinea. Called 'New Pomerania' when it was a German protectorate.
HISTORIC AREA of lands. Established after the annexation of the Crimean Khanate by the Russian Empire.
ARCHIPELAGO in the Arctic Ocean in the north of Russia, consisting of 2 major islands, separated by the narrow Matochkin Strait, and a number of smaller islands.
17th-century Dutch COLONIAL SETTLEMENT that later became a large city. Known nowadays as 'the Big Apple'.
COLONY. First of 4 viceroyalties created to govern Spanish colonies (1535-1821). Formed primarily by territories known at the time as 'América Septentrional'.
HISTORICAL NAME for the region of Canada east of Hudson Bay to Labrador, what is currently Nunavik.

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