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Country official name in English. 
Country capital city. 
Year of the Independence. 
Colonial federation that incorporated the territory of Mauritania from 1920 to independence. 
City that serves as capital during the colonial period 
Bordering ocean. 
Bordering disputed territory. 
Bordering country. The one bounded by the Ocean. 
Bordering country. The one where the Karakoro River forms part of the border. 
Bordering country. The one bordered only by the Tiris Zemmour Region. 
ISO 3166 code 
Internet code. 
International calling code. 
International licence plate country code. 
Longest river. 
Region, city and plateau in south-central Mauritania. 
Highland area of the Sahara Desert in northern Mauritania. 
Region named after a river in southern Mauritania. Kaedi is its capital city. 
National official language 
National official language until 1991 
Dialect mostly spoken in the country. 
National Park off the west coasts of the country. 
Circular structure near Ouadane. Known as 'the Eye of the Sahara' and visible from space 
Site of the ruined mediaeval town in south east Mauritania that may have been the capital of the Ghana Empire. 
Color used to symbolize the sands of the Sahara desert in the national flag. 
The other color used in the flag. 
National currency. 
Only other country in the world, beyond Mauritania, not to use a decimal-based currency. 
Adminstrative division: number of regions + capital district 
Official religion 
Mauritania is one of the 43 members of the Union for the Mediterranean. 
The highest peak in the country has an elevation of only 300 metres. 
Mauritania is one of the countries forming the Maghreb. 
Mauritania is named after the ancient Berber 'Kingdom of Mauretania', which later became a province of the Roman Empire. 
Mauritania is one of the countries forming the Sahel. 
Mauritania's shortest land border is the one with Algeria. 
Holy city known for centuries as Bilad Shinqit. Its Friday Mosque is considered a national symbol and is a World Heritage Site. There's an offshore oilfield named in its honor. 
Important mining city constructed in the end of the 1950s around the former French Fort Gouraud. 
Regional capital city famous for its rare powder glass beads. In 1970 its name was given to a meteorite fallen in Assaba Region. Stage points on the Paris-Dakar Rally. 
Large city, formerly known as 'Port √Čtienne'. 
Major city of south-western Mauritania and capital of Trarza region. 
Largest town in northern Mauritania. 

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