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Can you name JUST ONE of the……elements in the group
…6 States of Australia
…3 sovereign countries, not situated on New Guinea Island, having GUINEA in their name
…2 countries sharing the possession of the Hanish Islands
…2 capital cities (of sovereign countries) with the name starting with the same initial letter of the largest city in South Africa
…2 European sovereign countries having territories/dependencies in America, but not in Africa
…2 colors in the flag of Uruguay which are used even in the flag of the Marshall Islands
…3 countries of the IBSA Dialogue Forum group
…3 countries with a 4-letter name and a 4-letter capital city's name
…2 autonomous regions of Portugal
…4 country capital cities starting with the same intial letter of the nation facing Djibouti on the opposite shore of the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait
…2 countries which are members of the G8, but were not part of the former G6
…3 countries on the Gulf of Aden
…2 colors of the Flag of the United Nations Organization
…2 world's longest rivers
…6 world's largest islands
…4 members of the Community for Democracy and Rights of Nations (commonly known as Commonwealth of Unrecognized States)
…4 colors in the flag of Kiribati
…2 country capital cities named after a U.S. President
…2 countries of the Caroline Islands
…6 country capital cities with PORT in the name
…2 country capital cities starting with the same initial letter of the U.S. State with Jacksonville and Miami
…2 countries (not part of the European Union), which are members of the 'Union for the Mediterranean', without being bounded by the Mediterranean Sea
…3 capital cities between Caracas and Copenhagen in the list of country capital cities alphabetically ordered
…3 territories/dependencies of France in Oceania
…2 sovereign island countries in the Mediterranean
Can you name JUST ONE of the……elements in the group
...2 sovereign countries on the Bering Strait
…4 constituent countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
…4 countries of 'the Big Four' (or 'BRIC countries')
…4 overseas departments/regions of France
…2 countries born in 1990 from the unification of previous countries
…2 capital cities, not in Europe, starting with the same initial letter as the Italian city where 'gondolas' are the typical boats
…5 country capital cities starting with the same initial letter of the only one U.S. island state
…3 original members of the Melanesian Spearhead Group
…2 territories in the Atlantic Ocean, which were Dependencies of Saint Helena before the new constitution of 2009
…3 members of the N11 (Next Eleven) which are not Asian countries
…4 countries bounded by the Philippines Sea, except Philippines
…2 sovereign countries on the Strait of Gibraltar
…4 Seas named in English after common color terms
…4 country capital cities with TOWN in the name
…3 sovereign countries where Dutch is recognized as national official language
…7 Seven Summits (highest mountains of each continent)
…4 countries in the Indian Ocean which are member states of the AOSIS (Alliance of Small Island States)
…3 countries of the ANZUS Security Treaty
…4 sovereign countries of Polynesia
…2 'doubly' landlocked sovereign countries (surrounded only by other landlocked countries)
…5 capital cities of British Overseas Territories with TOWN in the name
...2 autonomous countries within the Kingdom of Denmark
…2 non sovereign countries in the Pacific Ocean which are members of the AOSIS (Alliance of Small Island States)
…5 archipelagos of Macaronesia (west of the Straits of Gibraltar)
…3 dependencies of Norway

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