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Can you name JUST ONE of the……elements in the group
…3 countries bounded by the Gulf of Siam
...2 British Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus
…5 autonomous regions of the People's Republic of China
…3 Asian countries known as the 'Golden Crescent' for the illicit opium-production
…6 countries bounding the Black Sea
…2 sovereign countries enclaves of Italy
…2 countries bordering Mongolia
…2 countries bordering the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad
…5 most populous cities in India
…4 main islands of Japan
…7 capital cities of the modern-day countries with significant territory within the Asian region known as 'Fertil Crescent'
…5 countries bounded by the Adriatic Sea, except Albania
…5 countries bordered by the country where Minsk is the capital city
…3 Baltic countries
…2 island nations, with no natural land borders, having an extremely short 'border' thanks to bridge connections to other countries
…4 'constituent countries' of the United Kingdom
…3 British Crown Dependencies
…2 countries originated from the split of Czechoslovakia
…6 countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (CCASG)
…2 countries on Timor Island
...2 integral overseas areas of Norway
…3 countries of Benelux
…4 Asian countries known as the 'Golden Triangle' for the illicit opium-production
…4 countries in the area of the Tigris-Euphrates river system, traditionally known as Mesopotamia
…3 European capital cities situated along a river whose name starts with the same initial letter of the capital city in the 'Land of the Rising Sun'
Can you name JUST ONE of the……elements in the group
…6 countries bounded by the Bay of Bengal
...6 governorates of Lebanon
…6 independent Turkic states
…5 countries of the 'Shanghai Five'
…4 country capital cities on the Danube River
…4 Asian capital cities starting with the same initial letter of the largest landlocked country in the world
…6 original founding member states of the European Union
…8 countries which are members of SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation)
…5 capital cities of the countries bordering Macedonia
…4 official languages of Switzerland
...3 districts of Luxembourg
…2 island regions of Italy
…6 Socialist Republics of the former Yugoslavia
…3 sovereign countries of the Iberian Peninsula
…3 countries bounded by the Sea of Japan, except Japan
...2 federal cities of Russia
…4 countries sharing the Syrian Desert
...6 mehozot (districts) of Israel
...2 Special Administrative Regions (SARs) of China
…3 countries in the Scandinavian Peninsula
…5 countries bounding the Caspian Sea
…3 countries of the Borneo Island
…3 European largest islands
…3 European smallest countries, which are not within the Italian territory
…4 sovereign countries of the area traditionally called 'the Levant', described as 'the crossroads of western Asia, the eastern Mediterranean and northeast Africa'

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