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Can you name JUST ONE of the……elements in the group
…2 countries sharing the Lake Titicaca
…5 island territories of the former Netherlands Antilles at the moment of its dissolution
…3 country capital cities geographically located between Martinique and Anguilla
…2 sovereign countries of the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego
…2 U.S. State capital cities fully including in their name the name of their State
…2 British Territories near the Scotia Sea
…2 countries where the Rio Grande flows
…3 countries bordered by the country where there is 'Lago do Maracaibo'
…2 sovereign countries of Hispaniola Island
…7 provinces of Costa Rica
…2 sovereign countries of the Leeward Islands (the northernmost group of the Lesser Antilles), located in the north of Dominica
…4 provinces of Atlantic Canada
…3 islands of the 'BES islands'
…5 sovereign countries of the Windward Islands (the southern part of the Lesser Antilles), located at the south of Dominica
…3 countries of the 'ABC nations' (or 'ABC Powers')
…3 Territories of Canada
…4 US States with NEW in the name
…4 Central American countries between Panama and Guatemala
Can you name JUST ONE of the……elements in the group
…6 Mexican States bordering the United States
...6 districts of Belize
…2 landlocked sovereign countries in South America
…2 American countries crossed by the Tropic of Cancer
…3 U.S. States starting with the same initial letter of the northernmost capital city of the 12 countries in South America
…2 countries boundes by the Gulf of Honduras, except Honduras
…4 U.S. States starting with the same initial letter of the British Territory with The Valley as capital city
…7 cities (not country capitals) selected as American Capitals of Culture in the period 2000-2010
...5 boroughs of New York City
…3 countries boundes by the Golfo de Fonseca
…5 original members of the 'Comunidad Andina' (Andean Community of Nations)
...2 communes (municipalities) of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon
…4 states in the Southeast Region of Brazil
…3 countries crossed by the Rio Negro (even called 'Guainía River')
…5 Great Lakes in North America
…4 states of the United States officially designating themselves 'Commonwealth'
…3 capital cities of U.S. States starting with the same initial letter of the country where the source of the Amazon River is located

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