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Can you name JUST ONE of the……elements in the group
…2 countries where the Blue Nile flows
…2 country capital cities situated on opposite banks of the same river, within sight of each other.
…5 countries bordered by the Central African Republic
…2 largest cities of Algeria, after the capital city
…3 sovereign countries bordered by the Mozambique Channel
…5 countries bounded by the Bight of Bonny
…6 countries in mainland Africa which are smaller than Lesotho
…3 countries sharing the Lake Nyasa
…3 countries which are founding members of the EAC (East African Community)
…4 country capital cities in the Horn of Africa
…2 largest cities of Benin
…4 countries sharing the Lake Tanganyika
…2 countries boundering the exclave of Cabinda
…3 countries sharing the Kalahari Desert
...3 dependencies of Mauritius
…6 French scattered islands in the Indian Ocean (Iles éparses de l'océan indien)
…5 African countries crossed by the Tropic of Capricorn
…2 capital cities of Swaziland
...3 capital cities of South Africa
…6 countries bordering Burkina Faso
…2 country capital cities near the Livingstone Falls
…2 sovereign nations bordering the African northernmost country
…3 main cities of Morocco, except the capital city
…6 capital cities of the countries bordering the nation with Yaoundé and Douala
Can you name JUST ONE of the……elements in the group
…2 modern countries which formed the British colony of Rhodesia
…2 countries sharing the Lake Turkana (or Lake Rudolf)
…2 countries bordered by the Republic of Congo, but not by the Democratic Republic of Congo
…2 countries sharing the Lake Kivu
…5 countries crossed by the Congo River but not by the Zambesi
…2 geopolitical entities with limited recognition (unrecognized de-facto states)
…2 countries sharing the Victoria Falls
…2 countries bounded by the Gulf of Tadjoura
...3 official languages of the Union of the Comoros
…3 Spanish Territories in Northern Africa
…5 sovereign country capital cities located north of the Tropic of Cancer
…2 African island countries in the Atlantic Ocean
…5 countries in the Maghreb
…3 countries on the Slave Coast
…4 countries not bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo, but bordered by countries bounded by the Red Sea
…6 most populous cities of Nigeria (with over 1 million people)
…3 countries where the Atlas Mountains are located
…4 countries where the White Nile flows
…5 capital cities of the countries bordering the westernmost country of mainland Africa
…7 provinces of Angola bounded by the Ocean
…3 countries of the Afar Triangle (or Danakil Depression)
…3 countries sharing Lake Victoria
…11 countries sharing the Sahara Desert

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