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SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Called the GREAT WHITE NORTH, for the geographic location and its climate. 
CANADIAN TERRITORY. The one where the capital city is WHITEHORSE. 
NORTH AMERICAN LAKE. The one with WHITEFISH BAY on the eastern end of its southern shore, between Michigan and Ontario. 
US STATE. The one where there is the WHITE BEAR LAKE. 
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY. The one with the WHITE HOUSE, the official residence and principal workplace of the US President. 
BRITISH CITY. Worldwide known for its WHITE CLIFFS. 
MOUNTAIN RANGE. Its highest peak is the MONT BLANC (white mountain). 
SPANISH COASTLINE in the Province of Alicante. From Denia in the north to Pilar de la Horadada in the south. Named in 1957 to promote air services between London and Valencia. 
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY. Its name may come from Celtic 'vindobona' (WHITE FORT), with a reference to the river flowing through it. 
CAPITAL CITY of a Mexican State. Nicknamed the WHITE CITY, maybe because it was the common color of its old buildings. 
RIVER. It is the main tributary of the Rio Negro from the north and its name means WHITE RIVER. 
CAPITAL CITY of a Peruvian region. Known as LA CIUDAD BLANCA, for the many colonial-era Spanish buildings built of sillar, a pearly white volcanic rock. 
CITY in Argentina. Its name means WHITE BAY, due to the typical colour of the salt covering the soils surrounding the shores. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. From 1901 to 1973 its WHITE POLICY intentionally restricted 'non-white' immigration. 
ISLAND in the Bay of Plenty. The one with New Zealand's only active marine volcano. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Its Polynesian name is usually glossed LAND OF THE LONG WHITE CLOUD. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Its flag adopted in 1979 features a light-blue field (for the Pacific Ocean) with 4 WHITE STARS (one for each of the 4 island groups in the federation). 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Its flag is a WHITE RECTANGULAR FIELD with a large red disk in the center and is commonly known as 'Hinomaru'. 
COUNTRY where the period between the 228 Massacre and the end of the martial law in 1987 is generally called the WHITE TERROR. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Its 2nd-longest river is the Sefīd-Rūd (WHITE RIVER) and runs from the Alborz Mountains into the Caspian Sea. 
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY. Its former name was Akmola (the WHITE MAUSOLEUM). 
CITY with an area known as WHITE CITY for a collection of over 4,000 Bauhaus buildings built by German Jewish architects, who immigrated after the rise of the Nazis. 
CITY in Morocco. Its name is a Spanish word combination meaning WHITE HOUSE. 
CITY of Mauritania. The largest one in the peninsula known as CAP BLANC (White Cape). 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Its name is connected to an OFF-WHITE COLOUR resembling the material out of which the elephant tusks is made. 
RIVER. One of the two main tributaries of the Nile. 
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY. Called 'El-Bahdja' (the DAZZLING WHITE CITY), for the glistening white of its buildings as seen rising up from the sea. 

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