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Can you name the geographic places suggested by clues and related to FRUIT ?

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AUSTRALIAN STATE nicknamed 'the Apple Isle'. 
US CITY nicknamed 'the Big Apple' 
US CITY known as 'the Mini-Apple'. 
US CITY known as 'the Apple Capital of the World'. 
US STATE known as 'the Apple State'. 
CITY in Virginia, where a road was renamed 'Apple Pie Ridge Road' because captured Hessian soldiers used to walk north to the ridge to eat apple pies cooked by Quakers. 
US STATE nicknamed 'the Orange State'. 
US CITY called 'the Big Orange'. 
US STATE with the most populous 'Orange County'. 
LARGE CITY in Central India. Known as 'the Orange City'. 
FRENCH CITY in Vaucluse, known as 'la Cité des Princes'. Renowned for its Roman architecture: Triumphal Arch, Roman Theatre, etc. 
ASIAN CAPITAL CITY where there is nearby an American-style suburb whose 143 expensive units were all sold within a month of going on sale and media called it 'the Orange Storm'. 
COUNTRY known as 'Kiwiland'. 
US STATE whose largest city is nicknamed 'the Big Peach'. 
TURKISH CITY known to the ancient Roman as 'Cerasus', from which the English word 'cherry' comes from. 
US CITY in Michigan. Sponsored to tourists as 'the Cherry Capital of the World'. The city airport is the 'Cherry Capital Airport'. 
CITY in Morocco known for its 'Cherry Festival', famous in the country since 1920. 
CITY in California that claims the title 'Avocado Capital of the World.' 
MEXICAN CITY which is regarded as the native place of the 'avocado', which was known by the Aztecs as 'the fertility fruit'. 
MEXICAN CITY named 'La capital mundial del aguacate' and famous for the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary nearby. 
BRAZILIAN CITY called 'a Cidade das Mangueiras' (the City of Mango Trees). 
COUNTRY which is the largest producer of mangoes and where the mango is the national fruit. 
ITALIAN TOWN called 'the City of Clementines'. 
COUNTRY where there is Nules, the town after which a variety of clementine is named, because it was first bred there in 1953. 

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