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COUNTRY considered 'the (original) Banana Republic'. 
AFRICAN COUNTRY whose only seaport on the Atlantic coast is Banana. 
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY in Polynesia, whose name (according to legend) comes from a founding ancestor's wife, whose name means 'banana'. 
CARIBBEAN ISLAND where 'fig' means banana and a 'Green Fig Salad' is prepared without figs. 
COUNTRY whose fifty-dollar banknotes are nicknames 'pineapples'. 
US STATE called 'the Pineapple State' 
UK REGION where there is the 'Dunmore Pineapple', a folly regarded as the most bizarre building in the country. 
AUSTRALIAN STATE where 'The Big Pineapple' is a tourist attraction and working farm. 
COUNTRY where the melons first were grown in Europe after their introduction, supposedly from Armenia. 
MEDITERRANEAN ISLAND defined by Goethe 'the land where lemons bloom and the golden oranges from dark-green branches glare.' 
COUNTRY where in 1856 the US intervenes for the first time in a conflict that becomes known as the 'Watermelon War'. 
MOUNTAIN RANGE in New Mexico, whose name in Spanish means 'watermelon'. 
US CITY in Arkansas known as 'Watermelon Capital of the World' and hometown of Bill Clinton. 
US STATE where the 'Walnut River' runs. It is a tributary of the Arkansas River and has a tributary named 'Little Walnut River'. 
US STATE where there is a city called 'Walnut', which obtained its name from the Rancho Los Nogales Mexican land grant 
US STATE with the 'Walnut Canyon', proclaimed a national monument in 1915 by President Wilson in order to preserve the ancient cliff dwellings, constructed by the Sinagua. 
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY known as 'the Big Durian'. 
ISLAND COUNTRY where at the end of 2006 the 'Typhoon Durian' caused massive damage, killed many people and left hundreds more missing. 
COUNTRY where the JACKFRUIT is the national fruit. 
INDIAN STATE where JACKFRUIT, along with MANGO and BANANA, is considered one of 'the Three Royal Fruits' (mukkani). 
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY whose name is believed to be related to the 'Java plum' (or mean 'island' with reference to its landscape, carved by rivers and canals) 
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY famous for its chestnut trees and therefore called 'the City of Blossoming Chestnuts'. 
US CITY that boasts the title “Strawberry Capital of the South' 
US STATE where the 'Paw Paw River' runs 

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