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Which is the country… CountryNotes
…whose two main cities are worldwide known, the first for its RED SQUARE and the second for the RED OCTOBER REVOLUTION?
...where there is the RED PYRAMID? It is the largest of the three major pyramids located at the Dahshur necropolis.
…which is called the RED DRAGON OF ASIA?
...whose national flag has in the center a stylized 11-pointed RED MAPLE LEAF?
...whose national flag has a large RED DISC in the center? It is on top of a white field and represents the sun.
…having the longest coastline on the RED SEA, after Eritrea?
...of the RED BARON? It is the nickname of a Formula One racing driver.
…whose capital city in 1924 was renamed with a local term meaning RED HERO? In honor of a national hero who liberated the country from Chinese occupation.
...where there is the RED FORT COMPLEX? It is a 17th century fort. The British used it as a military camp, but today is a popular tourist site.
…whose territory, in occasion of the presidential elections, is commonly divided into RED STATES and BLUE STATES to graphically depict voter preferences?
...whose national flag has FOUR RED STARS, representing the constellation of Crux, the Southern Cross?
...whose most important former imperial city is known as THE RED CITY?
...of Elisabeth the RED QUEEN? So-called for her open sympathies with socialist philosophy and her frequent trips to the Soviet Union, China and Poland during the 1950s.
...where the U.S. military OPERATION RED DAWN was conducted on 13 December 2003?
...where there is the RED STAR STADIUM? It is the home stadium of the Fudbalski Klub Crvena Zvezda.
Which is the country… CountryNotes
…where the production of the RED BULL ENERGY DRINK was inspired? 'Red Bull gives you wings' is its popular slogan.
...where the seat of Parliament is THE RED HOUSE?
...where there is the RED FOREST? Called Worm Wood Forest before 1986, it is today one of the most contaminated areas in the world.
...whose national football team is commonly referred to as LA FURIA ROJA (The Red Fury) or simply as LA ROJA (The Red One)?
…whose national flag has a large RED DISC on top of a green field?
…whose original name may be translated as the REDSTONE ISLAND with teeth outside reefs?
…where there is a geographic region called 'Terres Rouges' (RED LANDS) or 'Minett'?
...where there is the RED RIVER DELTA? It is an administrative region corresponding to the flat plain formed by the RED RIVER, flowing from China to the Gulf of Tonkin.
…whose capital city is named from a Sesotho word meaning PLACE OF THE RED SANDSTONE?
… whose national flag consists of 2 equal vertical bars and, in the center, a RED STAR AND CRESCENT?
...whose national football team is nicknamed LA ROJA (The Red One) or 'El Equipo de Todos' (Everybody's team)?
…whose name may come from Latin and refer to a local type of RED WOOD?
…of the RED BRIGADES? It was a Marxist-Leninist terrorist group active, via a number of political assassinations, during the 'Years of Lead' (late 1960s - early 1980s).
...whose national football team is nicknamed the RED SEA BOYS? In recent years some of the athletes took the opportunity to abscond and seek asylum during competitions abroad.

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