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Can you name the geographic places in Asia connected to the WHITE colour ?

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SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Its flag is a white rectangular field with a large red disk in the center and is commonly known as 'Hinomaru'.
CITY with an area known as 'White City' for a collection of over 4,000 Bauhaus buildings built by German Jewish architects, who immigrated after the rise of the Nazis.
COUNTRY where the period between the 228 Massacre and the end of the martial law in 1987 is generally called 'the White Terror'.
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY. Called 'the Little White City' for the low-lying white buildings typifying most of its urban landscape.
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Its national flag has a red star (referring to Communism) on a white disk (recalling the symbol of the taegeuk).
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Its 2nd-longest river is the Sefīd-Rūd (White River) and runs from the Alborz Mountains into the Caspian Sea.
COUNTRY. Its flag is known as 'Sang Saka Merah-Putih' (the Sacred Red-and-White) and has only two colours: red (for courage) and white (as purity of intent).
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY. Its 'White Cloud Temple' is one of 'The Three Great Ancestral Courts' of the Complete Perfection School of Taoism.
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Its flag depits 12 white stars near a youthful crescent moon in the top light-blue stripe.
CITY IN SOUTHEASTERN TURKEY. Nicknamed the 'White City' for the color of the stones used in its construction and in contrast to Diyarbakır (the Black City).
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY. Its former name was Akmola (the white mausoleum).
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY, where in 2007 an urban plan was approved to restore and develop the so-called Black City District, which has been therefore renamed 'White City'.
IMPORTANT ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE in Syria. Served as harbor town and necropolis for Ugarit.

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