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RIVER. It flows FROM THE BLACK FOREST TO THE BLACK SEA, passing through four capital cities. 
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY. Its name derives from Gaelic and means BLACK POOL. 
POLISH CITY on the Warta River. Known for the famous Pauline monastery of Jasna Góra, home of the BLACK MADONNA painting. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Its largest and deepest natural lake is 'Cerné Jezero' (BLACK LAKE). 
GERMAN CITY. Site of the 1972 Summer Olympics, during which Israeli athletes were assassinated by the Palestinian BLACK SEPTEMBER Terrorist Group. 
INLAND SEA connected to the BLACK SEA by the narrow Strait of Kerch. 
CITY in the Middle East. Site of pilgrimage where there is the Muslim relic known as the BLACK STONE. 
ISLAND of the Philippines. Divided into two provinces: Oriental and Occidental. Named by the Spaniards after the BLACK NATIVES seen on their arrival in 1565. 
COUNTRY on the Mediterranean Sea. One of its resort destination is Ras al-Bassit, popular for its distinctive BLACK SAND BEACHES. 
RIVER. It flows into the Gulf of Tonkin. Its main tributary is the Song Da (even known as the BLACK RIVER). 
LAKE in Tajikistan. Its name means BLACK LAKE. In the past, known in British maps as 'Lake Victoria of the Pamirs'. 
CITY IN SOUTHEASTERN TURKEY. Known as BLACK AMID (for the dark color of its walls) and BLACK FORTRESS (in praise of its military victories). 
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY, where in 2007 an urban plan was approved to restore and develop the so-called BLACK CITY DISTRICT, which has been therefore renamed White City. 
SEASIDE CITY of Cameroon. Formerly called Victoria. Considered the best touristic city in the country, even thanks to its BLACK SAND BEACHES. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Named after its biggest ethnic group, from the Greek word MAUROS (black). 
ISLAND NATION. One of its districts is the BLACK RIVER, so-called for being the driest area in the country. 
CITY in the Republic of the Congo. It is the main commercial centre in the country and its name means BLACK POINT. 
RIVER. It drains into the Gulf of Guinea and has 3 main tributaries: the BLACK___, the Red___ and the White___ 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Its name comes from an Arabic expression, meaning LAND OF THE BLACKS. 
ARCHIPELAGO in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Tanzania. Its name comes from Persian and means the lLAND OF BLACK PEOPLE. 
LONGEST RIVER in Texas. It flows from the head of BLACKWATER DRAW to the Gulf of Mexico. 
CITY in Arizona. Its name derives from an O'odham word, meaning '(at the) BASE OF THE BLACK [hill]', a reference to an adjacent volcanic mountain. 
CITY on the US-Mexico border across the Río Bravo. Its name means BLACK STONES, a reference to the coal deposits that exist in the area. 
CANADIAN PROVINCE. One of its rivers is the RIVIERE NOIRE (Black River), named after the dark colour of its waters. 
STOCK MARKET. Its Great Crash in 1929 started on the BLACK THURSDAY and reached its record loss on the BLACK TUESDAY. 
US CITY. Until 1920, its 'U Street Corridor' was home to the nation's largest urban African American community and therefore known as BLACK BROADWAY. 
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY. One of its landmarks is a telecommunication tower known as the BLACK MUNTAIN TOWER. 
SUBREGION of Oceania extending from the western end of the Pacific Ocean to the Arafura Sea and eastward to Fiji. Its name comes from Greek and means BLACK ISLANDS. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Its national rugby union team is known as the ALL BLACKS, while BLACK CAPS is the nickname for its national cricket team. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY in the Pacific Ocean. Known as the BLACK ISLANDS. 
RIVER. It is a tributary of the Amazon River and the largest blackwater river in the world. Its name in English is BLACK RIVER. 
ECUADORIAN PROVINCE in the Pacific Ocean. Home to the SIERRA NEGRA (Black Mountain), an active volcano at the South eastern end of Isabela Island. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. In its Cordillera de los Maribios, there is a volcano called CERRO NEGRO, because its basaltic cinder cone contrasts with the surrounding verdant hillsides. 
ISLAND NATION. In 1962 it was theatre of a confrontation between US and URSS for a missile crisis which ended after the BLACK SATURDAY. 

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