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SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Its national flag is known as the 'Maple Leaf', for having in the center a stylized 11-pointed RED MAPLE LEAF. 
US CITY of the RED SOX, a professional baseball team founded in 1901 as one of the American League's eight charter franchises. 
COUNTRY where the seat of Parliament is THE RED HOUSE, so-called since 1897 when the buildings were given a coat of red paint to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Its name may come from Latin and refer to a local type of RED WOOD. 
US STATE. Its RED LAKE is the largest freshwater lake entirely within its territory. 
CANADIAN PROVINCE. RED DEER is one its most populous cities. 
COUNTRY. Its Worm Wood Forest is today one of the most contaminated areas in the world and since 1986 is known as the RED FOREST. 
ISLAND of the Cyclades. One of the most popular tourist destinations of Greece, even for its famous RED BEACH. 
BRITISH REGION. Nicknamed the LAND OF THE RED DRAGON. Its flag is called 'Y Ddraig Goch' (the Red Dragon). 
ITALIAN CITY. Popularly known as 'the Erudite' (for its medieval University), 'THE RED' (for its red roofs) and 'the Fat' (for its delicious cuisine). 
GERMAN CITY where there is the 'Rotes Rathaus' (RED TOWN HALL), near Alexanderplatz. 
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY. Its RED SQUARE is often considered not only its the central point, but the centre of its whole country. 
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY. Its RED BRIDGE is a 17th century bridge on the Hrazdan River and is so-called for being built with red tuffa. 
TURKISH CITY. Its 'Kızıl Kule' (RED TOWER) is the symbol of the city and was named from the red color bricks, used in its construction. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Called the LITTLE RED DOT with reference to the manner in which is marked on many world maps. 
COUNTRY. Its RED RIVER DELTA is an administrative region corresponding to the flat plain formed by the RED RIVER, flowing from China to the Gulf of Tonkin. 
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY. Renamed in 1924 with a local term meaning RED HERO, in honor of a national hero, who liberated the country from Chinese occupation. 
FORMER IMPERIAL CITY in Morocco. Known as the RED CITY. 
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY named from a Sesotho word meaning PLACE OF THE RED SANDSTONE. 
COUNTRY. Its RED PYRAMID (named for the rusty reddish hue of its stones) is the largest of the 3 major pyramids located at the Dahshur necropolis. 
SEAWATER INLET of the Indian Ocean. Located between Africa and Asia. 
COUNTRY. Its national flag consists of 2 equal vertical bars and, in the center, a RED STAR and CRESCENT, representing Islam and blood of those killed fighting for independence. 
COUNTRY. Its national flag has THREE RED STARS, standing for the major ethnic groups (Hutu, Twa and Tutsi) and for the elements of the national motto (Unité, Travail, Progrès). 
COUNTRY. Its national flag has 4 RED STARS, representing the constellation of Crux, the Southern Cross. 
AUSTRALIAN STATE. The one with the oldest Australian surviving brick arch bridge. Called the RED BRIDGE, it crosses the Elizabeth River at Campbell Town. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Its RED BEACH was used in 1942 as the site of the intial US Marine landing on Guadalcanal. 
AUSTRALIAN STATE. Its REDCLIFFE PENINSULA was the first European settlement in the area. 

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