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Can you name the places suggested by clues, following a circumnavigation of Africa?

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CluePlace (Country)
CAPITAL OF REGION. At the western entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar. Near the 'Cave of Hercules'.
CITY. Twin city of the country capital. Its name is from the Berber word 'asla' and means 'rock'.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Located at the mouth of the river Bou Regreg.
CITY. Known as the 'City of Flowers'. It hosts the Samir Oil Refinery, the most important in the country.
CAPITAL OF REGION. Located in the Chawiya plain. Largest city in the country. Locally nicknamed 'Kaza'.
CITY. Previously known as Mazagan. Classified as UNESCO World Heritage Site for its massive Portuguese walls.
CAPITAL OF REGION. Known as 'Safim' under Portuguese rule, between 1488 and 1541.
CITY. Touristic and windy city. Formerly known as 'Mogadore'. Protected by a natural bay partially shielded by wave action by the Iles Purpuraires.
CAPITAL OF REGION. Located just north of the estuary of the Souss River. Established as a Portuguese trading post named 'Santa Cruz do Cabo de Gué'.
CITY. Formally administered by Spain from 1860 to 1969. Relinquished in 1969, mostly due to international pressure.
JOINT CAPITAL CITY. Largest city of the EU outside Europe. The 'Casa Museo de Colón' focuses on the journeys of Columbus, who stopped here twice on his first trip to the Americas.
JOINT CAPITAL CITY. Located on the most populated island in the archipelago. The Auditorium and the Iglesia de la Concepción are the main landmarks of the city.
CITY. Known as 'Villa Bens' during Spanish colonization. There is a monument to French aviator Antoine de Saint Exupéry, the author of 'The Little Prince'.
CAPITAL OF REGION. 2nd-largest city in the country. Formerly Port-Étienne.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Located on the Atlantic coast of the Sahara Desert.
CAPITAL OF REGION. Located near the mouth of the Senegal River. Capital of the French colony of Senegal from 1673 until independence in 1960.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Located on the Cap-Vert Peninsula. The westernmost city on the African mainland.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Its Monumento de Diogo Gomes is named after the Portuguese navigator who discovered Santiago Island.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Located on St Mary's Island. Formerly known as 'Bathurst'.
CITY. Largest city in the country. Lying southwest of the capital city. Close to the seaside resorts of Bakau, Fajara and Kotu.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Located on the Geba River estuary.
CAPITAL OF REGION. Located on the omonimous island, the closest of the Bijagós Islands to the mainland. Capital of Portuguese Guinea until 1941.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Originally situated on Tombo Island, it has since spread up the neighboring Kaloum Peninsula.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Settler Town, the oldest part of the city, was established by the Nova Scotians in 1792.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Named in honor of a U.S. President.
FORMER COUNTRY CAPITAL. Fourth largest French-speaking city in the world, after Paris, Kinshasa and Montreal.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Its name comes from an Akan word meaning 'ants', a reference to the numerous anthills seen around in the countryside.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Located on the Gulf of Guinea. Founded in the 18th century by the Ewe people.
ECONOMIC COUNTRY CAPITAL. Largest city in the country. Located on the coastal strip between Lake Nokoué and the Ocean.
CAPITAL OF STATE. 2nd-most populous city in Africa. Former COUNTRY CAPITAL.
CAPITAL OF STATE. Located in the Niger Delta along the Bonny River. Capital of the Rivers State.
CAPITAL OF PROVINCE. Largest city, largest port and major international airport in the country. Located on the banks of the Wouri River.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Located on the northern coast of Bioko Island on the rim of a sunken volcano.
CAPITAL OF PROVINCE. Main settlement in the island. Located on the north east coast near the Palhota River. Colony's capital from 1753 until 1852.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Founded by Portuguese in 1485 on an island uninhabited before their arrival. Located on Ana Chaves Bay.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Port on the Komo River, near the Gulf of Guinea.
CAPITAL OF DEPARTMENT. 2nd-largest city and main commercial centre in the country. Capital of the Kouilou region until 2004.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Portuguese administrative centre from 1627 to independence in 1975, except during the short Dutch rule.
CAPITAL OF PROVINCE. Previously known as Moçâmedes. Located on southwestern cost. One of the major ports in the country.
CITY. Situated in the Kuiseb river delta. Formerly exclave of South Africa.
CITY. Port in the Karas Region. Developed around Robert Harbour and Shark Island. Starting point for sailor Amyr Klink's successful solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in 1984.
LEGISLATIVE CAPITAL CITY. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. Famous for its harbour. Table Mountain is one of its well-known landmarks.
CITY. Situated in the Eastern Cape Province. Nicknamed the 'Friendly City' and the 'Windy City'. Also referred to as Africa's Watersport Capital. Often shortened to PE.
CITY. Sometimes referred to as Buffalo City. Located between the Buffalo River and the Nahoon River.
CITY. Busiest port and one of the largest cities in the country. Biggest city on the east coast of Africa.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Located at the mouth of the Tembe River.
CAPITAL OF PROVINCE. Located near the Tropic of Capricorn on the Mozambique Channel. Considered the southern Malagasy capital.
CAPITAL OF OVERSEAS DEPARTMENT. Located at the island's northernmost point.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Largest city and main port in the island. Named after a French King.
CAPITAL OF PROVINCE. Chief seaport in the country. Built on a sandy peninsula, nearly on the centre of the eastern coast of the island. Capital of the Atsinanana Region.
CluePlace (Country)
CAPITAL OF PROVINCE. One of the most important seaports in the country. Located on the Betsiboka River, which then leads to Bombetoka Bay. Capital of the Boeny Region.
CAPITAL OF OVERSEAS COLLECTIVITY. Located on the island of Grande-Terre, in the Mozambique Channel.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Located on the western coast of Ngazidja Island. Its name means 'in the heart of the fire', perhaps alluding to the city's proximity to Mount Karthala.
CAPITAL OF REGION. Country official capital city until 1974. Largest city in the country. Its name means 'house of Peace'.
ARCHIPELAGO. Semi-autonomous area, off the coast of the mainland. Consists of numerous small islands and two large ones: Unguja and Pemba.
CAPITAL OF PROVINCE. Separated from the mainland by Tudor Creek and Kilindini Harbour. Its Swahili name means 'Island of War' and is due to the many changes in its ownership.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Located in the coastal Benadir region.
ISLAND. Located south of the Arabian Peninsula. Largest island of the homonimous small archipelago of 4 islands.
CAPITAL OF REGION. Capital of the Bari region. Located at the estuary of Baalade Wadi. Formerly known as 'Bandar Qassim'.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Located on a peninsula that divides the Gulf of Aden from the Gulf of Tadjoura.
ARCHIPELAGO. Consists of 2 large and 124 small islands. Only 4 of the islands are permanently inhabited. Famous since Roman times for its pearl fisheries.
CAPITAL OF REGION. Capital of the Northern Red Sea Region. Formerly, capital of the Italian Colony of Eritrea until this was moved to Asmara in 1900.
CAPITAL OF STATE. Located on the Red Sea. Main port in the country. Founded by the British in 1909 as the terminus of a rail linking the Red Sea to the River Nile.
CAPITAL OF GOVERNATORATE. Main tourist center and one of the largest Egyptian cities located on the Red Sea coast. Known for watersports activities.
CAPITAL OF GOVERNATORATE. Seaport in north-eastern Egypt, with two harbors (Port Ibrahim and Port Tawfiq) and extensive port facilities.
BODY OF WATER. Salt water lakes between the north and south part of the Suez Canal. One 'Great' amd one 'Small', with a total surface area of about 250 kmq.
CAPITAL OF GOVERNATORATE. Situated on the west bank of the Suez Canal. Home of the head office of the Suez Canal Authority, located at the shore of Lake Timsah.
CAPITAL OF GOVERNATORATE. Twin city of Port Fouad. Entrance to Suez Canal. Egypt's major eastern seaport.
CAPITAL OF GOVERNATORATE. Located at the intersection between the Mediterranean Sea and the Nile.
CITY. Popular tourist destination, known for its charming Ottoman mansions. Here in 1799 it was found the 'Rosetta Stone', an understanding key for Egyptian hieroglyphs.
CAPITAL OF GOVERNATORATE. Founded by Alexander the Great. Its 'Pharos' (lighthouse) was one of the Seven Wonders.
CITY. Southernmost Mediterranean coastal city. Located in Matruh Governorate.
CAPITAL OF GOVERNATORATE. Main seaport on Egypt's Western Mediterranean coast. Known for its white soft sands and calm transparent waters.
CAPITAL OF DISTRICT. Main city in the Cyrenaica region. Named after 'Sidi Ghazi', a pious benefactor died in 1450.
CAPITAL OF DISTRICT. 3rd-largest city in the country. Considered the Business capital of Libya. Qasr Ahmed is its port.
CAPITAL OF DISTRICT. Located in Al Murgub District, near the ancient Roman city of Leptis Magna.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Founded by Phoenicians. Named from a Greek word meaning 'three cities'.
ISLAND. Located in the Gulf of Gabes. Largest island of North Africa and popular tourist destination.
CAPITAL OF GOVERNATORATE. Largest port city on the Gulf of Gabès. Considered as the economic country capital under the 1980's. Founded on the ruins of Taparura and Thaenae.
ISLAND. Largest of the Pelagie Islands. Known for its 'Isola dei Conigli' (Island of Rabbits), egg-laying site for the endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtle.
CAPITAL OF GOVERNATORATE. Major tourist resort on the central shore of Tunisia. Founded on the ruins of the city of Ruspina.
CAPITAL OF GOVERNATORATE. Busy port is in the central-east of the country. One of the largest cities in Tunisia.
CITY. Located in the south east of the northern peninsula of Cap Bon. Due to its beaches, it is a popular tourist destination for swimming and water sports.
ISLAND. Italian island just 70 km (43 mi) east of the Tunisian coast. The ancient 'Cossyra'.
CAPITAL OF GOVERNATORATE. Main centre of the Tunisian pottery industry. Its name is an Arabised form of the Greek 'Neapolis'.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Situated on a large gulf, behind the port of La Goulette and near the Archaeological Site of the ancient city of Carthage.
CAPITAL OF GOVERNATORATE. Last town to remain under French control until 1963, after Tunisia won its independence in 1956.
ARCHIPELAGO. A rocky group of islands of volcanic origin. The northernmost point of Africa.
CITY. Close to the border with Algeria. Famous for its coral fishing, the Coral Festival of underwater photography and the annual jazz festival.
CAPITAL OF PROVINCE. One of the largest cities in the country. Located near the river Seybouse and the Tunisian border.
CAPITAL OF PROVINCE. Port on the Gulf of Stora. Formerly known as Philippeville.
CAPITAL OF PROVINCE. Located in the region of Corniche Jijelienne. Main trade centre for a region specializing in cork processing, leather tanning and steelmaking.
COUNTRY CAPITAL. Largest city in the Maghreb. Called 'El-Bahdja' (the White).
CAPITAL OF PROVINCE. Located on the Gulf of Arzew. Divided in two by a ravine of the river Aïn Sefra.
CAPITAL OF PROVINCE. Largest city in the country, after the capital city. Its symbol is the near twin lions' mountain, known as 'La montagne des Lions'.
CITY. Port city on the Bhar Amzzyan Lagoon.
AUTONOMOUS CITY. Part of the European Union and located on the north coast of North Africa.
CAPITAL OF REGION. City and port in the center of the Rif Mountains.
CITY. One of the two major ports of Morocco on the Mediterranean Sea. Few miles south of the Strait of Gibraltar.
AUTONOMOUS CITY. Part of the European Union. Located along the coast of North Africa across from the Strait of Gibraltar.

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