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Can you name the countries and the capital cities suggested by clues?

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Name a country and a capital city that..Answer
start with A- and contain JA.
start with BE- and contain RU
start with BE- and end in -IN.
start with CA- and contain RO
start with D and contain a K and AR.
start with LIB- and have one more I in the name.
start with NA- and contain BI.
start with VIE- and contain a T.
start with M, contain ANI and end in -A
start with SE- and end in -L.
start with NO and contain a K.
start with BEL- and end in -E.
start with S and contain ARA.
start with CHI- and contain an A.
start with S and contain KO.
contain IN and SPA.
contain MALA and an Y.
contain UDA and an S
contain ANDA and have a W in the name.
contain ARI and an S.
contain EG and a P.
contain FI and have an A in the name.
contain IRE, but do not end in -IRE.
contain KIN and AS.
contain OME and do not start with R.
contain RAGU and start with a different consonant.
contain MIN and end with a consonant.
end in -ANA and have an H in the name.
end in -ANDA and have an U in the name.
end in -ALA and have one more A in the name.

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