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Can you name the capital city from a clue about the origin of its name?

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ClueCapital CityOfficial Name (country)
Its name originates from the term 'Mana-ahuac', used in the indigenous Nahuatl to indicate a site 'surrounded by water'.
Of obscure origin, its name possibly comes from 'Habaguanex', a native American chief, or from a Germanic derivation of a Middle Latin term meaning 'haven'.
Established as 'Ciudad de Nuestra Señora Santa María del Buen Ayre', its present name means 'Good Airs'.
One of the explanation of its name mentions a phrase uttered by a Portuguese seaman to Magellan, meaning 'I saw a mountain'.
Its name may mean 'many fish' if from the Cueva Indian language or 'abundance of butterflies' if from the Caribe; maybe it comes from a species of tree, common in the area.
Founded in 1541, its name was chosen as a homage to Saint James and as a symbol 'del nuevo Extremo' of the explored world.
Purpose-built in 41 months and inaugurated as capital city in 1960, its name comes from the Latin form for its country.
Formerly called 'the Town of Saint Michael'; according to legend it received its name from the Arawak 'Indian Bridge' the first settlers found spanning the inlet in XVII century.
Its name is a compound between two river names; one of them is the Mopan.
Its French name means 'Low Land', for being a low-lying safe anchorage, situated on the lee of winds of the island.
Founded as 'Ciudad de la Plata de la Nueva Toledo'; known as the 'City of 4 Names': Charcas, La Plata, Chuquisaca and its present name connected to the Battle of Ayacucho.
Founded in 1548, its name commemorates the restoration of peace following the insurrection of Pizarro. 'Our Lady of Peace' is the English translation for its official full name.
Founded as 'La Nueva Isabela'; named 'Ciudad Trujillo' from 1930 to 1961; known as the 'Gateway to the Caribbean'; its present name is in honor of Dominic de Guzmán.
Even if an exact meaning has not yet determined, the most widespread and discussed version considers the name coming from a Nahuatl word meaning 'silver hill'.
Founded in 1790, it is named after a US President and in honor of Christopher Columbus.
Established by the French who named the settlement with their word for the 'reeds' which grew along the river banks.
Named after the Indian people who inhabitated the region, its name may be connected to the amaranth, a common herb in the area, locally called 'pira'.
ClueCapital CityOfficial Name (country)
Founded in 1738 by order of Cabildo de León as 'Abra de la Boca del Monte' or 'Villa Nueva', it was later renamed for St. Joseph and set as capital in 1823 to replace Cartago.
Founded as a place for survivors of the 1692 earthquake that destroyed Port Royal, it's named after King George III of England and it replaced Spanish Town as capital in 1872.
Founded as a river village, it's named after the Carib tribe Parmirbo, derived from the Guaraní and meaning 'water inhabitants'.
Founded by the French in 1650 as 'Fort Royal', it was renamed in honour of King George III after the second British occupation.
Its name originates from the name of a ship, 'Le Prince', sended to protect the area after the elimination of the 'flibustiers'.
Its name is a combination of two Tsafiki words, 'Quitso' and 'To', probably meaning 'the center of the world'.
Developed from a military camp named Bytown after the Colonel in charge of the costruction of the Rideau Canal; renamed in 1855 after the Odawa people, probably meaning 'traders'.
Its official Spanish full name means 'The Very Noble and Loyal City of Our Lady Saint Mary of the Assumption'.
Developed from Cuscatlán, the abandoned capital city of the Pipil groups, its name is the Spanish form for 'Holy Savior', referring to Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
Originally built by the Aztecs in 1325 as 'Tenochtitlan', it was redesigned according to Spanish urban standards and, in 1585, started to be known with its present name.
Founded by Pizarro as 'La Ciudad de los Reyes'; called 'Itchyma' after its original inhabitants, but its present name is connected to a famous oracle destroyed by the Spanish.
Founded near the Amerindian village of Cumucurapo; established by early Spanish settlers as 'Puerto de los Hispanioles'; it replaced in 1757 the old capital, San José de Oruña.
Established in 1782 by the French as 'Longchamps' and renamed after Lord of Stabroek by the Dutch in 1784, it received its present name in honour of King George III in 1812.
Founded as 'Carenage' (safe anchorage), it was renamed in honor of the marquis De La Croix, due to his efforts in securing the island for France at the Treaty of Versailles.
Close to the ancient Maya city of Kaminaljuyu; established as capital after Santa Marta Earthquake destroyed the old capital. Its name of unclear origin includes its country name.
Formerly known as 'Charles Town', it was renamed in 1695 after a Fort, which was named in honor of the Dutch prince William III of England.
Originally called 'Bacatá' (meaning 'planted fields') by the Muiscas.

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