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Which is the…Answer
…northernmost capital city of a US State?
...largest island in Canada?
…Canadian province where there is the Lake Winnipeg?
…largest Canadian city on the Great Lakes?
…lake of the Great Lakes that has the same name of a US State?
…US State that borders just one only other US State?
…capital city of a Mexican State that has the same name of a South American country capital city?
...ocean that bounds El Salvador?
…country between Panama and Nicaragua?
…island in the southern Caribbean Sea, that was the first country to secede from the Netherland Antilles in 1986?
…only Caribbean island (today an Overseas Collectivity of France) to have been a Swedish colony for almost a century?
…country, where the seat of Parliament is the Red House?
…South American country where English is the official language?
…South American sovereign country where Dutch is recognized as national official language?
…only South American country of the 'BRIC countries'?
…lake on the border between Peru and Bolivia?
…mountain (6,962 m - 22,841 ft) of the Seven Summits, which is the highest peak in both the Western and Southern Hemispheres?
…isolated island in the equatorial waters of the Atlantic Ocean, located roughly midway between the horn of South America and Africa and named after the day of its discovery?
…sovereign island country in the Gulf of Guinea?
…country formerly known as Spanish Guinea?
…exclave Province of Angola?
...large city of the DRC, located near the Zambian border?
…river that forms the Victoria Falls?
…African landlocked country crossed by the Tropic of Capricorn?
…desert in Southern Africa, covering much of Botswana and parts of Namibia and South Africa?
…only African country of the IBSA Dialogue Forum Group?
…country enclave of South Africa?
…royal and legislative capital city of Swaziland?
…body of water between the island of Madagascar and mainland Africa?
...archipelago in the Indian Ocean, few kilometers off the coast, that is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania?
…unrecognized independent republic located in the Horn of Africa, along the Gulf of Aden?
…country sharing with Yemen the possession of the Hanish Islands?'s largest hot desert?
…African capital city named after a U.S. President?
..only country that borders 2 countries with 'Guinea' in the name?
…African country, which is a member of the 'Union for the Mediterranean' without being bounded by the Mediterranean Sea?
…country that borders 3 Spanish-controlled exclaves, known as 'Plazas de soberanía'?
…capital city of a British territory, colloquially referred to as 'The Rock'?
…largest island of the Pine Islands, located in the Mediterranean Sea and belonging to Spain?
…country, where one of the 48 administrative divisions is the Constantine Province?
Which is the…Answer
…largest island of North Africa?
…capital city, founded by Phoenicians and named from a Greek word meaning 'three cities'?
…island country, whose 2nd-largest island (Gozo) is known as 'Isle of Calypso'?
…city, capital of a French region and birthplace of Napoléon Bonaparte?
…Italian city founded as 'Parthenope' in the 8th century BC and traditionally held as the home of pizza?
…European 'doubly' landlocked sovereign country (surrounded only by other landlocked countries)? city of the Alsace region, which is the official seat of the European Parliament?
…European capital city that has the same name of a French island in the Indian Ocean (part of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands)?
…island located in the middle of the northern Irish Sea, approximately equidistant from Great Britain and Ireland?
…Scottish subarctic archipelago, off the northeast coast, located more northeastern than the Orkney Islands?
…the city connected to Copenhagen by the Oresund Bridge?
…the country within the Baltic States, where the official language is not a Baltic language?
…exclave of Russia on the Baltic Sea, between Lithuania and Poland?
…landlocked country that is closest to the Black Sea?
…body of water between Ukraine and Russia, linked by the narrow Strait of Kerch to the Black Sea?
…country, whose national flag is known as the 'five-cross flag' (having a large red cross in the centre and 4 smaller ones in each white corner)?
...geographic, economic and cultural region in south-central Turkey, historically known as 'Cilicia'?
…Mediterranean island, where the capital city retains the distinction of being the world's last divided capital (between a country and a disputed territory)?
…largest city in the Palestinian territories?
…country born in 1990 from the unification of 2 previous Arabic countries?
…Kingdom, located near the western shores of the Persian Gulf, whose capital city's name ends like the most famous 'isthmus' in the Americas?
…country capital city, whose Azadi Tower (or Freedom Tower) and Milad Tower are well known landmarks?
…largest enclosed body of water on Earth by area, variously considered the world's largest lake, a small ocean or a full-fledged sea?
…capital city of the only 'doubly' landlocked sovereign country in Central Asia? city of the Pakistan province of Punjab, located along the Ravi River?
…capital city of the Maharashtra State, located on the Arabian Sea?
…sovereign country that makes up the ethno-linguistic region of Bengal together with the Indian state of West Bengal?
…country, that is a member of the 'Shanghai Five' and is not an ex-USSR republic?
…territory, on the western side of the Pearl River Delta, that was a Portuguese colony until 1999?
…the largest island of Japan?
...World's largest island, after Greenland?
…Australian State that has the same name of a country capital city?
...large body of water between Australia and New Zealand, commonly referred to as 'The Ditch' by locals?
…Australian External Territory in the Pacific Ocean, where the evergreen pine is a symbol of the island and thus pictured on its flag?
….territory in the subregion of Melanesia, that comprises a main island, the Loyalty Islands and several smaller islands?
...archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, even known as the 'Friendly Islands' since the first visit of Captain James Cook in 1773?
...island nation in the central tropical Pacific Ocean, where the Gilbertese language has the status of official language?
... largest island in the Windward group of French Polynesia, considered the country economic, cultural and political centre?
…only British Overseas Territory in the Pacific Ocean?
…archipelago that forms one of the 24 Provinces of Ecuador?

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