Around the World in 80 Divisions

Can you name the countries from their main administrative division?

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Which is the country with… Country
16 Regions (5 of which are Unitary Authorities), 2 States in free-association and 1 Self-administering Territory
6 States, 3 Territories (in mainland) and 6 External Territories
4 Federated States
9 Districts (or Island Groups), each one of them corresponds to a star on the national flag
33 Provinces, 5 of which have Special Status
17 Regions (rehiyon), subdivided into provinces, municipalities and barangays
47 Prefectures (todofuken)
8 Provinces (do), 1 Special Autonomous Province, 6 Metropolitan Cities and 1 Special City
22 Provinces (sheng), 5 Autonomous Regions, 4 Municipalities and 2 Special Administrative Regions
58 Provinces (tinh) and 5 Centrally Governed Cities
75 Provinces (changwat) and 1 Metropolitan Municipality
7 Regions (taing detha gyi), 7 States (pyi-neh), 5 Self-administered Zones, 1 Self-administered Division and 1 Union Territory
20 Districts (dzongkhag), formerly grouped in 4 zones
28 States and 7 Union Territories
34 Provinces (velaya'at)
12 Provinces, 1 Autonomous Republic and 1 Independent City
14 Provinces (oblıstar) and 3 Special Cities (qalalar), 1 of which is Baikonur
21 Republics, 46 Provinces (oblasts), 9 Territories (krais), 1 Autonomous Province, 4 Autonomous Districts and 2 Federal Cities
9 Regions, 2 Autonomous Republics and 1 Independent City
59 Districts, 11 Cities and 1 Autonomous Republic (which is an exclave)
31 Provinces (ostanha), some bounded by the Caspian Sea and others by the Persian Gulf
7 Emirates (imarat), 1 of which covers the 86,7% of the country's area
21 Governorates (muhafazah), 6 of which until 1990 constituted a former country
13 Emirates (manatiq)
6 Districts (mehozot)
81 Provinces (iller), 4 of which considered part of a different continent
13 Peripheries (periphereies) and 1 Autonomous Monastic State
12 Counties (qarqe)
20 Counties (zupanija) and the capital city, grouped into 3 historic and geographic regions: Slavonia, Littoral and Central
9 States (Bundesländer)
16 States (Länder)
16 Voivodeships (wojewodztwo)
10 Counties (apskritys)
15 Counties (maakonnad), 2 of which not in mainland
19 Regions (maakuntaa), 1 of which is an autonomous archipelago
19 counties (fylker), 2 Integral Overseas Areas and 3 External Dependencies
5 Regions (regioner) and 2 Autonomous Countries within the Kingdom
4 Constituent Countries, 12 Overseas Territories, 3 Crown Dependencies and 2 Base Areas
12 Provinces, 3 Autonomous Countries within the Kingdom and 3 Public Bodies, known as the BES Islands
3 communities, 3 regions and 4 language areas
Which is the country with… Country
26 Regions (régions), 4 of which are Overseas
26 Cantons
20 Regions (regioni), 5 of which are Autonomous Regions with Special Statute
17 Autonomous Communities (comunidades autonomas), 2 Autonomous Cities and some 'plazas de soberania'
18 Districts (distritos) in mainland and 2 Autonomous Regions in the Atlantic Ocean
48 Provinces (wilayas)
24 Governatorates (wilaya'at), of which only the southernmost one borders two foreign countries
29 Governorates (muhafazat), few of which are considered part of a different continent
6 Regions (zobas), 2 only of which are bounded by the sea
4 geographic Regions, subdivided into 1 City and 111 Administrative Districts, where 6 traditional Bantu kingdoms enjoy some cultural autonomy
8 Provinces (mikoa), 1 of which is the Rift Valley
26 regions (mkoa), 5 of which are not in mainland
3 autonomous islands
9 Districts and 3 Dependencies
6 Provinces (faritany mizakatena), of which only 1 landlocked and none in mainland Africa
8 Provinces and 2 Cities with provincial status, all of them landlocked
9 Provinces, 7 of which border foreign countries
13 Regions, 1 of which takes its name from the Caprivi Strip
18 Provinces (províncias), 1 of which is an exclave
22 Municipalities (concelhos), distributed on 10 islands traditionally grouped in 2 geographic regions
26 States (estados) and 1 Federal District (distrito federal)
19 departments (departamentos)
23 provinces (provincias) and 1 Autonomous City (ciudad autónoma), informally the Capital Federal
15 regions (regiones), of which only the one with the capital city is landlocked
9 departments (departamentos), 2 of which have as capital city a country's capital city
1 Province (provincia) and 25 Regions (regiones), the largest one of which covers almost one-third of the country's territory
24 provinces (provincias), 1 of which is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean
9 Provinces (provincias) and 3 + 2 indigenous regions (comarcas indígenas)
23 States (estados), 1 Capital District and the Federal Dependencies consisting of a large number of islands
6 parishes and 1 dependency, which is Carriacou and Petite Martinique
11 quarters
6 parishes and 2 dependencies, 1 of which is Redonda
10 departments (départements), of which only one is either landlocked either bordered by a foreign country
15 Provinces (provincias) on the main island and 1 Special Municipality on the 2nd-largest country's island
14 Parishes, which are grouped into 3 historic Counties
15 Departments (departamentos) and 2 Autonomous Communities, which formerly constituted the Zelaya Department
22 departments (departamentos), 1 of which covers about one third of the country's total area
31 States (estados) and 1 Federal District (distrito federal)
50 States, 1 District and several Territories
10 Provinces and 3 Territories

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