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Can you name the geographic places having a connection with the number 7 ?

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AUTONOMOUS REGION of China, celebrated in a 1997 film by J.J. Annaud about a period of 'Seven Years', with Brad Pitt as Heinrich Harrer.
BODY OF WATER that has on its northern shores a series of chalk cliffs known as 'the Seven Sisters'.
SMALLEST OCEAN among 'the Seven Seas'.
CITY of the Treaty signed in 1763, that marked the end of the 'Seven Years' War' (together with the Treaty of Hubertusburg).
CITY whose Monument of Jesus Christ on top of Corcovado Mountain is regarded as one of the 'New Seven Wonders of the World'.
EGYPTIAN CITY whose 'Pharos' (lighthouse) was one of 'the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World'.
ETERNAL CITY, even known as 'the City of the Seven Hills'.
CAPITAL CITY in the Middle East known as 'the City of Seven Hills'.
TURKISH CITY known as 'the City of Seven Hills'.
CAPITAL CITY (of British Territory) in the Caribbean. Famous its 'Seven Mile Beach'.
CITY in Norway, surrounded by 'the Seven Mountains'.
US CITY that earned the nickname of 'City of Seven Flags' as capital of Missouri's Confederate government-in-exile.
US CITY whose limits roughly forms a 'seven-by-seven-mile square'.
RUSSIAN CITY where 'the Seven Sisters' is the English name given to a group of skyscrapers designed in the Stalinist style.
INDIAN CITY built on what was once an archipelago of seven islands, one of which was the Isle of Bombay.
CITY in the Philippines, nicknamed 'the City of Seven Lakes'. One of the country's oldest cities.
CITY in northern Arizona known as 'the City of Seven Wonders'.
CHINESE CITY where a popular tourist attractions is the 'Seven-Star Cave', an extensive limestone cave complex.
CAPITAL CITY of New Netherland, the 17th-century colonial province of the 'Republic of the Seven United Netherlands on the East Coast of North America.'.
CANADIAN CITY of the 'Seven Oaks Massacre', which took place in 1816 along the Red River.
BRAZILIAN CITY whose name means 'Seven Lagoons', situated at about 70 kilometres from Belo Horizonte.
INDIAN CITY that was the capital of the Maratha empire in the 17th century and whose name means 'Seven Hills'.
RUSSIAN CITY famous in mathematics for a historically notable problem about 'Seven Bridges' on the Pregel River.
CITY in Texas nicknamed 'The City Under Seven Flags'.
NORTHERNMOST PEAK of 'the Seven Summits'.
US STATE where there are the 'Seven Devils Mountains'.
OCEANIC ISLAND whose main settlement is 'Edinburgh of the Seven Seas'.
GROUP OF GREEK ISLANDS traditionally called 'the Heptanese' (Seven Islands).
GROUP OF ISLANDS even known as 'the Seven Brothers'.
GREEK ISLAND famous as the site for one of 'the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World'.
SOVEREIGN ISLAND COUNTRY consisting since 2008 of 7 Provinces, among which there is Malé.
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY known as 'the Country of the Seven Winds'.
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY in Africa divided into 7 Provinces, one of which is Annobon.
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY in Asia, whose easternmost region consists of the contiguous 'Seven Sisters States'.
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY in the Arabian Peninsula consisting of 7 Emirates, known prior to independence in 1971 as the Trucial States.
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY nicknamed 'the Land of Seven Peoples'.
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY sharing with Russia the international dialling code +7.
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY whose official flag has a large white seven-pointed stars (and other four smaller), known as the Commonwealth Star.
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY where an area of sand dunes is famed as 'Terres des Sept Coleurs' (Chamarel Seven Coloured Earths).
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY with the 'Seven Rila Lakes'.
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY in Central America consisting of 7 Provinces, among which there is Cartago.
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY in Asia consisting of 7 administrative divisions, among which Rangpur and Sylhet.
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY in Africa divided into 7 Regions, of which Agadez is the largest one.
SMALL SOVEREIGN COUNTRY in Western Europe consisting of 7 Parishes (parròquies).
EUROPEAN SOVEREIGN COUNTRY whose official flag has a red bordure charged with seven yellow castles.

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