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LAKE. It is one of the FIVE GREAT LAKES in North America and the only one which is entirely located within the United States.
COUNTRY. It is the southernmost one of the FIVE COUNTRIES THAT FORM THE MAGHREB.
COUNTRY. It is the only one of the FIVE COUNTRIES BOUNDING THE CASPIAN SEA that was not a Republic of the Soviet Union.
AUTONOMOUS REGION OF CHINA. The one of the FIVE REGIONS whose leader lives in exile and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989.
US STATE where there is the PENTAGON (the headquarters of the US Department of Defense).
COUNTRY. It is the only sovereign country among the FIVE ARCHIPELAGOS OF MACARONESIA.
COUNTRY. Administratively, it is divided into 58 Provinces and FIVE CENTRALLY GOVERNED CITIES (among which there are Can Tho, Da Nang, and Hai Phong).
US CITY composed of FIVE BOROUGHS, among which Staten Island is the least populated.
COUNTRY. Administratively, it is divided into 26 regions, FIVE of which are not in mainland: three are on Unguja, and two on Pemba.
CAPITAL CITY. The southernmost one among the FIVE COUNTRY CAPITAL CITIES whose English name starts with the letter H.
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY whose official flag is referred to as the FIVE STAR RED FLAG.
COUNTRY where there is a rugged portion of coast known as 'le Cinque Terre' (the FIVE LANDS), a very popular tourist destination.
COUNTRY where there are the FUJI FIVE LAKES.
COUNTRY whose national flag is known as the FIVE-CROSS FLAG.
COUNTRY. Its flag has the FIVE-POINTED white 'Star of Unity' in the center of a light-blue field (representing the Indian Ocean).
CARIBBEAN ISLAND. The smallest one among the FIVE TERRITORIES of the former Netherlands Antilles at the moment of its dissolution.
COUNTRY. Administratively, it is divided into 33 Provinces, FIVE of which have Special Status. Papua is one of those FIVE PROVINCES.
COUNTRY. The easternmost one among the FIVE ORIGINAL MEMBERS of the 'Comunidad Andina' (Andean Community of Nations).
COUNTRY. Administratively, it is divided into FIVE REGIONS and 2 Autonomous Countries within the Kingdom. Zealand is one of the regions.
COUNTRY. Its flag consist of 2 outer blue bands (standing for the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea) and FIVE BLUE STARS on the inner white band.
COUNTRY. Eua, Ha'apai, Niuas, and Vava'u are four of its FIVE main administrative divisions.
COUNTRY that, together with USA, Russia, China and France, is one of the BIG FIVE.
COUNTRY. The largest one among the original members of the SHANGHAI FIVE.
US CITY in Iowa nicknamed the CITY OF FIVE SEASONS.
COUNTRY. Federal constitutional republic made up of 50 STATES and a federal district.
ITALIAN CITY whose town hall has a room named the GREAT HALL OF THE FIVE HUNDREDS (used after the Medici's exile for meetings of the Citizen Council).

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