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AREA OF LONDON. The one with the Houses of Parliament and a famous Abbey. 
AUSTRALIAN STATE. The largest one. 
COUNTY OF ENGLAND. The one with the most populous urban area outside London. 
FORMER COUNTRY NAME. Its shortened form 'WS' is still used as internet country code. 
FORMER COUNTRY. The one where Bonn was the capital city. 
GROUP OF ISLANDS. Alternative term for Caribbeans (the one due to Columbus' believed final destination). 
SPECIAL PROVINCE of Indonesia. One of the two provinces in 'Western New Guinea'. 
US STATE. The one where Charleston is the capital city. 
BODY OF WATER. The one bounding between the Ryukyu Islands and the Yellow Sea. 
CAPITAL CITY OF FORMER COUNTRY. The one whose name was associated to a historic Wall. 
FORMER NAME of the area that roughly corresponded to modern Bangladesh, before being renamed 'East Pakistan'. 
HISTORIC COUNTY OF ENGLAND. The one with Brighton and Hastings. 
LARGE CITY IN SOUTH AFRICA. Located between the Buffalo River and the Nahoon River. Even known as 'Buffalo City'. 
PROVINCE OF THE PHILIPPINES. One of the two provinces on Negros Island. 
REGION OF CAMEROON. The largest one in the country. Formerly called 'East Province'. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. Formerly a Portuguese colony. 
US AREA that stretches up from Florida to Maine. Even known as 'Eastern Seaboard'. 
AUSTRALIAN TERRITORY. The one with Alice Springs, the geographic centre of Australia. 
BODY OF WATER. The one between the English Channel and the Norwegian Sea. 
BUNDESLAND OF GERMANY. The one with Köln and Düsseldorf. 
CONTINENT. The one with the Appalachians. 
COUNTY OF ENGLAND. The northernmost one. 
FRENCH DEPARTMENT. Lille is its major city. 
GOVERNORATE OF LEBANON. The one where Tripoli is the capital city. 
MEHOZ OF ISRAEL. Nazareth is its capital city. 
FORMER NAME of the Limpopo Province, before being renamed 'Northern Province'. 
PROVINCE OF THE NETHERLANDS. The one with Amsterdam. 
SMALL CITY in the Fairbanks North Star Borough (Alaska). A gift shop named Santa Claus House is its biggest attraction. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. The one whose official name may be shortened as 'DPRK'. 
STATE OF INDIA. Its name means 'Northern Province'. 
UK REGION. The one formed by 6 of the 9 counties of Ulster. 
US STATE. The one known as 'Tar Heel'. 
US STATE. The one with Bismarck and Fargo. 
AUSTRALIAN STATE. The only one that borders 4 of the 6 states. 
BRAZILIAN STATE. The one where Porto Alegre is the capital city. 
BRAZILIAN STATE. The only one bordering Paraguay and Bolivia. 
BRITISH CITY. Sometimes abbreviated in 'Soton', its name is noted for its association with the Titanic. 
CONTINENT. The one where there are the Iguazu Falls. 
COUNTRY CAPITAL CITY. The one corresponding to the area known as 'TUC' (Teinainano Urban Council). 
DISPUTED TERRITORY in the South Caucasus. Even known as 'Tskhinvali Region'. 
ISLAND. The largest one in New Zealand. Even known as 'the Mainland'. 
MEXICAN STATE. The one where La Paz is the capital city. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. The one that became an independent state on 9 July 2011. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. The one whose official name may be shortened as 'ROK'. 
SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. The southernmost one in Africa. 
US STATE. The one nicknamed 'The Mount Rushmore State'. 
US STATE. The one where the Savannah River forms most of its border with Georgia. 
BRITISH OVERSEAS TERRITORY. Previously governed as part of the Falkland Islands Dependencies. 
BODY OF WATER. The one encircling Antarctica. 

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