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Scythian conqueror1 & 2 Tamburlaine the Great
King of Persia1 & 2 Tamburlaine the Great
Brother of the King of Persia1 & 2 Tamburlaine the Great
Daughter of the Egyptian Sultan; conqueror's wife1 & 2 Tamburlaine the Great
Emperor of Turkey1 & 2 Tamburlaine the Great
German necromancerDoctor Faustus
His servantDoctor Faustus
Attendant devilDoctor Faustus
Old gentleman, worried for his sonEvery Man in his Humour
His son, the young city gallantEvery Man in his Humour
Dissembling servantEvery Man in his Humour
Country gullEvery Man in his Humour
Town gull, a poetic poseurEvery Man in his Humour
Jealous merchantEvery Man in his Humour
Young gallant's friend; merchant's in-lawEvery Man in his Humour
Braggart soldierEvery Man in his Humour
Old merry magistrateEvery Man in his Humour
Venetian nobleman; the foxVolpone
His parasite; the flyVolpone
Lawyer; the vultureVolpone
Old gentleman; the ravenVolpone
His sonVolpone
Merchant; the carrion crowVolpone
His WifeVolpone
Gentleman that loves no noiseEpicene
Knight, his nephewEpicene
Gentleman, the knight's friendEpicene
Knight's other friendEpicene
Boy, supposed the silent womanEpicene
AlchemistThe Alchemist
Dissembling housekeeperThe Alchemist
Prostitute, their colleagueThe Alchemist
Lawyer's clerk, needs a spirit to gambleThe Alchemist
TobacconistThe Alchemist
Knight, desires the philosopher's stoneThe Alchemist
Skeptical gamesterThe Alchemist
Puritan pastor of AmsterdamThe Alchemist
Puritan deacon of AmsterdamThe Alchemist
Angry boyThe Alchemist
His sisterThe Alchemist
Master of the houseThe Alchemist
Ecclesiastical attorneyBartholomew Fair
His wifeBartholomew Fair
Her mother, a wealthy widowBartholomew Fair
Widow's puritanical suitorBartholomew Fair
Rival suitorBartholomew Fair
His companion, a gamesterBartholomew Fair
Foolish esquireBartholomew Fair
His servantBartholomew Fair
Justice of the PeaceBartholomew Fair
Hobbyhorse-seller; puppeteerBartholomew Fair
Pig womanBartholomew Fair
Beautiful cross-dresserGallathea
Her father Gallathea
Second beautiful cross-dresserGallathea
Her fatherGallathea
Miller's son who attends the alchemist and the astrologerGallathea
Miller's son who attends the fortune-tellerGallathea
Third Miller's sonGallathea
Neptune's terrible monsterGallathea
Unattractive woman sacrificed to the monsterGallathea
Oxford necromancerFriar Bacon and Friar Bungay
Another Oxford necromancerFriar Bacon and Friar Bungay
Poor scholarFriar Bacon and Friar Bungay
King of EnglandFriar Bacon and Friar Bungay
Prince of WalesFriar Bacon and Friar Bungay
Fair Maid of FressingfieldFriar Bacon and Friar Bungay
German necromancerFriar Bacon and Friar Bungay
Earl of Lincoln, suitor to the maidFriar Bacon and Friar Bungay
Master shoemaker, sherriff, Lord Mayor of LondonShoemaker's Holiday
His wifeShoemaker's Holiday
Nephew to the Earl of Lincoln, disguised as a Dutch shoemakerShoemaker's Holiday
Lord Mayor of LondonShoemaker's Holiday
His daughter, in love with the Earl's nephewShoemaker's Holiday
Journeyman shoemaker, sent to warShoemaker's Holiday
His wifeShoemaker's Holiday
Gentleman, wooer of Rose and later JaneShoemaker's Holiday
CitizenKnight of the Burning Pestle
His wifeKnight of the Burning Pestle
Their servant, the grocer errantKnight of the Burning Pestle
Rich merchantKnight of the Burning Pestle
His daughterKnight of the Burning Pestle
Merchant's apprentice, in love with his daughterKnight of the Burning Pestle
Friend of the merchant, suitor to his daughterKnight of the Burning Pestle
Roaring girlRoaring Girl
Knight, disapproving of the dowry for his son's belovedRoaring Girl
His sonRoaring Girl
Knight, desiring high dowry for his daughterRoaring Girl
His daughterRoaring Girl
Parasite and spyRoaring Girl
Ghost, chorus alongside RevengeSpanish Tragedy
Duke of Castile, brother to Spanish kingSpanish Tragedy
His villainous sonSpanish Tragedy
The Duke's daughter, former lover to AndreaSpanish Tragedy
Knight Marshal of Spain, revengerSpanish Tragedy
His son, friend to the ghost and lover to the Duke's daughterSpanish Tragedy
Prince of PortugalSpanish Tragedy
Disloyal servant to the duke's daughterSpanish Tragedy
The unnamed titular characterDuchess of Malfi
Her brother, Duke of CalabriaDuchess of Malfi
Her brother, high clergymanDuchess of Malfi
Steward to the Duchess, her husbandDuchess of Malfi
Duchess's provisor of horse, spy for the dukeDuchess of Malfi
The revengerRevenger's Tragedy
His brotherRevenger's Tragedy
His sisterRevenger's Tragedy
Their motherRevenger's Tragedy
Duke's son and heir, by previous marriageRevenger's Tragedy
Bastard son of the dukeRevenger's Tragedy
Duchess' eldest sonRevenger's Tragedy
Her second sonRevenger's Tragedy
Her youngest son (unnamed)Revenger's Tragedy

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