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Horcrux once belonging to Marvolo Gaunt
Helps birds fly
Twist up
Helps wizards produce magic
Group of musicians
Lacking hair
Actor: Christian ____
Spherical object
Weasley child
Pour liquid into a container
Past tense of 'Fall'
To touch
Give someone food
Weasley child
Ran away
Toy used in the snow
Past tense of 'Slide'
Marks left by spinning tires
Short dramatic production
Long, thin openening
Derogatory term for 'Prostitute'
Curved mark above two musical notes
Attached to a cowboy's boot
A fight
The lightning bolt on Harry's head
Excrement of an animal
Object one sits on
To hit, repeatedly
Not straight
To lightly tap a baseball
The smallest in a group
Ancient remains
A song
Edible fish
Harry's friend ____ Lovegood

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